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If you would like an invitation to my next exhibition and would like to follow whats on, consider signing up to my Newsletter. I wont send you loads of emails just one or two a month to let you know key dates or exhibitions. Everyone knows it’s not enough to just paint paintings. You can’t produce work in a vacuum and a newsletter gives a voice to the art work. It’s also useful for me to know who my work is speaking to. So I’d like to invite you to subscribe to my Newsletter here! !


Claire J KendrickInterview, NewsletterMarch 19, 20131 comment

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  1. Shade and Susan Smith - Reply

    Shade and I fully “retired” Dec 31. We have been going ever since! In NC right now – but one of your shows is on our bucket list in the short term! Retirement is hard work! So much too do! Lol! Thanks for including us in your updates!

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