36″  x 36″ |Oil Encaustic | CJK

I found these beautiful coral & yellow orchids from a local farmer these were freshly cut. This tip from the pro — put a penny in the water or a few drops of bleach it stops the water turning and they should keep for three to four weeks.

…. I forgot to mention that the French Bakery sells really good tarte au citron… here is the photographic evidence. Also the photo of the vase and flowers – I always forget people get a  kick seeing the still life set up and inspiration. I lifted the vase and flowers to a light box set up for painting.


No guessing why the sweet treat didn’t make it in the painting!!!

Claire J KendrickOil PaintingAugust 13, 20130 commentsart, botanical, cjk, cjk-studio, claire J Kendrick, contemporary, contemporary visual artist, coral, encaustic, floral, florida, flower, flowers, oil, orchid, orchids, paint, painter, painting, paintings, visual artist, yellow.

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