Seascape Paintings from the Studio

The beaches of North Florida are now closed due to the coronavirus pandemic! #staysafestayhome Memory’s of beach walks, sketches and small oil plein air sketches act as a source of inspiration for larger works! For those of you missing the beach, here is your fix for today!!! The video shows some small works that have inspired larger studio works of art during the past weeks.

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Symbolically the ocean is a sign of power and strength, due to its immensity. Observing and painting the great power of the ocean and its weather fronts is much like having a front row seat at the theater. As a painter there is an urgency and need to capture the essence of your vista – it’s sparked by emotion and energy. Then the atmosphere and weather of the outdoors adds to the paintings aliveness. All this –- the vigor of life is to be conveyed onto a canvas in the studio its a love, and a challenge.

From CJK-Studio

Claire J KendrickVideoApril 1, 20200 commentsseascape paintings.

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