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Have you ever considered commissioning a Painting?
Artist Claire J Kendrick, finds the process is exhilarating! I work with the collector, help them define the look and composition that works best. Superimposed renderings of artwork on photos of the wall spaces, until we reach the perfect answer for the collector, and composition for the space. Sometimes you love and appreciate an artist’s body of work, but want a customized artwork bespoke to your decor colors and style, or most often, the perfect size for a specific spot in your home or corporate office. 

Claire Kendrick has successfully worked with many collectors to help define and execute their unique vision in a commissioned piece. Known locally and internationally for her dramatic large seascape and landscape works of art, her paintings bring a sense of color and drama to any room! 

Not all artists love the pressure of commission projects but Claire in her previous career worked as a designer in the fast paced environment of the fashion world. Claire worked in Paris, London, Brussels and has traveled extensively, she takes commission work seriously and has a brilliant stylish esthetic in imagining and creating a work of art that will sing in any room. 

Being a full time painter it’s a career and a choice not for the faint hearted, especially during these times. Commission work takes time, so if a client is in a building stage or has a unique area of their home, that requires custom size works of art.  Typically you should count on 4 – 12 weeks for completion, however it may be longer depending on the artist’s schedule. We try using all the essential tools to walk a client through the process so they are excited. GoPro technology allows Claire to send clients time lapse video so they can see the speedy version of what’s happening in her studio. Everyone loves that part! Meeting the clients, seeing the space is a challenge at the moment but video conferencing helps translate the collective vision onto canvas. Growing up in a family of architects and designers the job site is familiar territory – seeing through the chaos – seeing the vision – it is compelling and very satisfying natural part of the process. – Claire Kendrick

A selection of CJK Art Installations below.

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Art on display…while talking politics! https://www.cjk-studio.com/art-on-display-while-talking-politics/ https://www.cjk-studio.com/art-on-display-while-talking-politics/#respond Mon, 17 Aug 2020 19:11:18 +0000 https://www.cjk-studio.com/?p=6328

Around the globe we are getting a glance into homes, offices of friends and politicians.

On Canadian News….With just 90 days until the U.S. presidential election, it appears many American voters will mail it in. Jackson Proskow reports, there are fears democracy can’t depend on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

A painting from my Botanical Series in the background.

“Chris Thomas is one of the most–respected and longest-tenured election officials in the nation. During his 40 years in elections, Chris successfully led Michigan through enormous changes in the field, consistently improving the administration of elections and protecting the rights of its voters”, commented U.S. Vote’s Chair of the Board, Don Morrison.

#globaltelevisioncanada #art #politics

Gobal News

Christopher Thomas is a fellow with BPC’s Democracy Project. (Painting @ 1:14 in the video 🙂
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Seeking Solitude and being Inspired. https://www.cjk-studio.com/off-the-beaten-track/ https://www.cjk-studio.com/off-the-beaten-track/#respond Tue, 11 Aug 2020 20:46:00 +0000 https://www.cjk-studio.com/?p=6355

Find your inner artist and wander off the Beaten Track there is much to discover. Take in the views and enjoy the solitude.

Often its not easy to paint in such isolated places but with a little planning it can be very inspirational. This particular painting was inspired by an intracoastal view at Guana State Park, FL. Its a 2km hike to the beach and I love where the sandy beach meets the salt marsh teeming with life, the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve (GTM Research Reserve) is a dynamic, ever changing place with many interconnected habitats from the ocean to the forests.

One of 29 National Estuarine Research Reserves in the country, this landscape protects and provides for a great diversity of plants and animals.

This is a studio painting with reference sketches and small color study’s done on site. The process allows for some artistic license and play in the studio. As temperatures reach 100F in Florida, travel light and of course bring plenty of water.

The power of color, the composition, its a challenge when developing a painting. Remember these things by doing small color notes using pastel this is often more accurate than using a photograph. The beginning stages are often uncomfortable, then surely by surely the lens begins to focus.

See in this short video how a diptych painting develops. Each painting has stand alone but read cohesively together.

Claire J Kendrick is an artist whose paintings reflect Florida landscapes with bold, rich, beautiful colors. Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints. The big open vistas and the marsh views that stretch for miles are favorite places to be.

Southern Shores Diptych 40×30 each

If you have a special view or place off the beaten track, consider a commission painting, I love to see how a plan can come together.

#conservation #floridaparksservice #nationalparksservice #guanapark #specialplace #capturethemoment


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Historic Art District, St. Augustine, FL https://www.cjk-studio.com/historic-art-district-st-augustine-fl/ https://www.cjk-studio.com/historic-art-district-st-augustine-fl/#respond Tue, 21 Jul 2020 21:52:48 +0000 https://www.cjk-studio.com/?p=6320

Studio & Gallery

In the heart of downtown St Augustine, one block back from the Bay front is a fabulous space occupied by artist Claire Jane Kendrick and Potter, Worley Faver. The duo are represented by nearby Plum Gallery, managed by Artist Karen Sheridan. The community is rich in history and home also to the St Augustine Art Association, and a host of other galleries & eateries.

Please know that the gallery is open for private appointment – we are respecting social distancing and wearing masks.

Here is a video tour in the meantime, we hope to see you soon. Please share with other locals and visitors let them know we’d love to talk art!

To make and appointment Email claire@cjk-studio.com

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Landscape and Seascapes at Art on Centre, Fernandina. FL https://www.cjk-studio.com/landscape-and-seascapes-at-art-on-centre-fernandina-fl/ https://www.cjk-studio.com/landscape-and-seascapes-at-art-on-centre-fernandina-fl/#respond Tue, 21 Jul 2020 21:33:57 +0000 https://www.cjk-studio.com/?p=6317

Art on Centre

Located in the heart of the Historic District downtown Fernandina Beach across from the Historic Nassau County Courthouse. The city of Fernandina Beach occupies most of the north end of Amelia Island with Victorian style homes built in the late 1800’s. Downtown has eight city blocks that lead to the Intracoastal Waterway and it is only two miles to the beach. The island is filled with pirate-themed festivals and events with many stories about the Pirates who occupied this island more than a century ago.

EMAIL ART ON CENETRE, DIRECTLY at : gallerymanager@artoncentre.com

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Seascape Works of Art at Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples. FL https://www.cjk-studio.com/seascape-works-of-art-at-gardner-colby-gallery-naples-fl/ https://www.cjk-studio.com/seascape-works-of-art-at-gardner-colby-gallery-naples-fl/#respond Tue, 21 Jul 2020 21:24:43 +0000 https://www.cjk-studio.com/?p=6314

Thank you to the team at Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples Florida for their professional representation. – Artist, Claire J Kendrick

To make an appointment to see works of art please call the gallery.

To Commission Works of Art, inquiries are also welcome.

Call +1 (239) 403-7787
Email : Art@gardnercolbygallery.com

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Virtual Studio & Gallery Tour https://www.cjk-studio.com/virtual-studio-gallery-tour/ https://www.cjk-studio.com/virtual-studio-gallery-tour/#respond Mon, 08 Jun 2020 21:29:03 +0000 https://www.cjk-studio.com/?p=6287

For visitors and locals the Historic Art District is a wonderful area of St Augustine to stroll and discover. Arrange a private opening or enjoy a virtual tour.

Historic Art District, St Augustine – “Vistas in the South” – is an art exhibit which features marsh landscapes and amazing summer sunsets, just a selection of works in oil by Claire J Kendrick at

212c Charlotte Street, Studio & Gallery.
By appointment only, email claire@cjk-studio.com

Also on Charlotte Street – two more works will be exhibiting at the St. Augustine Art Association. Tue-Fri 1-4 pm

Two additional landscape works are part of a group show exhibiting at Plum Art Gallery, 10 Aviles Street, St Augustine. Wed-Sun 11-5 pm

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A selection of small and medium sized works. https://www.cjk-studio.com/a-selection-of-small-and-medium-sized-works/ https://www.cjk-studio.com/a-selection-of-small-and-medium-sized-works/#respond Sat, 30 May 2020 01:01:56 +0000 https://www.cjk-studio.com/?p=6271

A selection of small and medium sized works all for sale. See video below.

Contact Information

Website: www.cjk-studio.com
Email: claire@cjk-studio.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cjk_studio/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/studio.cjk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CJK_Studio a

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Landscape Series https://www.cjk-studio.com/landscape-series/ https://www.cjk-studio.com/landscape-series/#respond Thu, 21 May 2020 15:37:42 +0000 https://www.cjk-studio.com/?p=6248


My Heart Skips a Beat – Framed 37×43 $5425 | Vibrant Light -Framed 25×25 $2925


About the Artist

Claire J Kendrick is an artist whose landscape paintings reflect Florida with bold, rich, beautiful colors. Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints. The big open vistas and the marsh views that stretch for miles are among her favorite places to be.

“This is a hot climate and colorful coast it’s a joy to live here. I love the expanse of the marshlands, the big cloudscapes, the scenery is dramatic and I try to express that in my paintings. When you’re out painting in these isolated places it feels like you have the world to yourself. The subtle shifts of light can in a moment calm or energize the environment. The paintings on exhibition are color sensations, passionate responses, and magical experiences.” – CJK


Published book with paintings by CJK of the Landscape Series






Sunset Marsh 42×22


Green Pasture 36×60



Magic Moment 40×40



Expansive Marshland 30×40



St Augustine from a Distance 48×48



Florida | Pattern and Texture 1&2 | 12×12 each | silver floater frame | $1250 each



Florida | Pattern and Texture 1&2 | 12×12 each | silver floater frame | $1250 each



Vibrant Marsh |48×48 | Oil Encaustic | Original & Giclee Code I



Diptych 36×36 each



Loving you 18×18



Surrounding Me 18×18






Vista 60×48



My Heart Skips a Beat 30×30



Evening Shimmer on the Intracoastal 52×42 Framed $7525



Fields of Gold 48×48 $8528



Chasing the inland breeze 36×36 Oil on Canvas



Southern Love 36×36 Oil on canvas



Summer Coastal Tones 10×20 Oil on Canvas



Diptych Marshscape 36×72 oil on linen gallery wrapped

Take Time To Relax



Take Time To Relax 36×48

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Seascape Series https://www.cjk-studio.com/seascape-series/ https://www.cjk-studio.com/seascape-series/#respond Thu, 21 May 2020 15:35:44 +0000 https://www.cjk-studio.com/?p=6251
Being Present 48×48
Making Waves 40×60
Seascape Painting By Claire J Kendrick in Oil – SOLD Commission Works for 2020 accepted.
Textured Sky 12×12
Making a splash 18×18
Summer Marsh 20×20
Finding a center line 40×30
Finding a Center line 40×30
Peaceful Morning 8.5×12.5
Coastal Haze 12×12
St Augustine 18×18
Abstract Surf 36×36 Oil on Canvas
Clarity 40×60
Pathway to Calm Framed 42×65 Oil on Canvas Wood frame with white washed wood liner.
Dune Light 50×40 oil on cotton canvas
Island Life 36×60
Sandbar | 40×40 | Oil and Wax Framed Champagne Floater
Coastal Haze 12×12
Dune Pathway | 36×36 | Oil on Canvas | C.J. Kendrick
A Summer Story 20×20
Fishing 20×20 Fishing
Wistfully Remembering | 48×48 | Oil Encaustic | CJK
Silver Lining 40×50 Oil Painting by CJK Interior Photo
Lucky Three 30×30 Oil on Board -1 1/2″ pannel (painted edge)
Seeking 48×48
Claire J Kendrick in her Studio – Beach Life 48×48 & Island Life 36×60
Moments in Time 48×48
each 12x12x2

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