Cape Cod Daybreak Dune

36×36 | Oil on Canvas | CJK

Early light and plein air painting begining by CJK

Early light and plein air painting begining by CJK

Claire J. Kendrick has been awarded through the Provincetown Community Compact, a residency in the Peaked Hill Bars National Register Historic District. She will be residing in one of the 19 well-known Dune Shacks. The Shack is tucked away from civilization, but it has lodged several famous artists and authors throughout time who have been in search of seclusion in which to work.

This is a plein air painting done on location during her residency at the Dune Shack. Painted in early morning light around 5am just before the sun came up, from the C-Scape Dune Shack.

The great rhythms of nature, to-day so dully disregarded, wounded even, have here their spacious and primeval liberty: cloud and shadow of cloud, wind and tide, tremor of night and day. – Henry Beston, The Outermost House.

Beauport Easel has been a great investment – it’s been perfect for working on larger plein air. For early morning light I use it right outside the shack looking out the expansive dune scene before me.


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