Figurative Painting | 36×36 | CJK

Claire J Kendrick has launched a contemporary body of work that brings a fresh, modern approach to figure painting. She credits time and experience working with Anne Packard and her daughter, Cynthia Packard, for the growth in her work. There is a freedom and energy in the way she applies paint and builds the paintings in this series as she pushes the boundaries towards abstract.

Study of the human figure has long been at the heart of traditional education in the arts as it shows a real commitment to painting. As an artist, it is possible to break free of strict rules and express more than just a form. There is an opportunity to express energy and vitality in your subject without drawing every detail. Bringing expression and a heartbeat to the painting that is two dimensional, these paintings want to speak.

“The dialogue is something I strive for–what is spoken and what is left unspoken–it’s the tension and energy between the painting and the private dialogue–the interpretation of the viewer(s)–their need to fill in the gaps.Body language is the unspoken dialogue.”

Claire paints landscape, still life and figurative paintings. Originally from Ireland, she worked in the fashion industry in Europe before she relocated to Florida in 2006. From a family of architects and designers, it seems that artistic expression, a love of design, and an eye for detail have enriched her life as a painter.

Claire J KendrickFigure SeriesApril 8, 20170 commentsabstract figure paintings, Dancer, figure, interior.

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