Positive Glow

30 x 30 x 1.5 Seascape | Oil on Canvas

Oil Painting on gallery wrapped canvas, painted sides ready to hang or frame.

Soft palette and a reminder of summer coastal evenings. I live near the beach and intracoastal waterways and sunrise and sunsets are amazing! Taking time to see sunrise and sunset in one day is such a gift. The intensity of the colors is almost supernatural on some occasions. I love a morning meditation or simply a moment at the end of the day to unwind.

On a lucky occasion, one doesn’t have to work too hard to achieve a painting, this painting was one of those. Sometimes I use a memory or a sketch and color notes to help guide a painting. This piece painted itself, being relaxed or in the zone, its hard to explain how that happens. I find paintings are very exiting to start – its the possibility the unknown. Its a charged active stage. Then they can go through a thoughtful detailed push, pull stage, figuring what reads, what stays what should be removed. Then if I get a glimpse of something exciting it helps me strive for something. It can take hours, days, weeks and on a couple of paintings its taken me a year or more to arrive at a place of contentment. Some paintings just get lost along the way and never make it. When I walk the beach and see the turtle nests I liken the painting process it to the sad probability that not all the eggs are going to hatch. Sometimes not every painting will make it. Its just that way, if you are a painter and the painting process matters to you, this is just part of the deal.  This painting just felt good from the get go!

Claire J KendrickSeascape SeriesAugust 9, 20190 commentscostal, costal art, fineart, seascape, sunsetpainting.

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