Softly Whisper

36×36 Framed

The soft sky in this seascape painting sets the scene, and I can almost hear the soft hush of waves breaking on the shore. The ocean, is a constant source of inspiration and a challenge to capture. “Less is more” is the mantra and the words of my friend and mentor Anne Packard (1933) when it comes to painting. It is sage advice in the world of being an artist.

I’m not striving for an over rendered memory on canvas. I want an abstract version of the view. It is more tangible if left, a little abstract for the viewer, they can be allowed to find their place and connection.

Talking to another of my artist friends – potter Worley Faver (1938), we were debating this point. His wisdom on the subject, is that each work of art of art calls to an individual. I like that idea and have never thought of it before. Sometimes as artists we try to manage where works of art will be showcased, the right venue, but in reality we just have to be patient. Keep working. Things will unfold as they should.


Anne Packard –

Worley Faver


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