60×48 | Oil and Wax | CJK

The inspiration for this marsh painting was from a smaller piece I did some time ago called “Marsh in Fall”. The challenge of course is to have a piece read on a larger scale yet still pushing the paint, using artistic license to go beyond what was done before. A change up, in the palette, this is less autumnal and I had fun playing with color and making it work to lead the viewer into the painting. With the bright bright light we have in the south the marsh takes on colors that can be extreme. The paint and texture of this painting is layered with vibrations of color play within.

“This is a hot climate and colorful coast it’s a joy to live here. I love the expanse of the marshlands, the big cloud-scapes, the scenery is dramatic and I try to express that in my paintings. When you’re out painting in these isolated places it feels like you have the world to yourself. The subtle shifts of light can in a moment calm or energize the environment. The paintings on exhibition are color sensations, passionate responses, and magical experiences.” – CJK

Claire J KendrickLandscape SeriesJuly 29, 20160 commentscjk, claire J Kendrick, florida landscape.

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