New Paintings & Summer is ablaze with color on the Marsh

New Paintings & Summer is ablaze with color on the Marsh

New Paintings

These mixed media painting’s called “Surrounding Me” & “Loving you” are both textural and made from layers of oil paint and oil pastel drawing and painting layering and overlapping.They can be sold together as a diptych or separately.

Loving You | 18x18 | Mixed Media | CJK
Loving You | 18×18 | Mixed Media | CJK
Surrounding Me | 18x18 | Mixed Media | CJK
Surrounding Me | 18×18 | Mixed Media | CJK
Vista | 60×48 | Oil and Wax

This is a striking large scale contemporary painting, the inspiration for this marsh scene was from a smaller painting I did some time ago called “Marsh in Fall”. The challenge of course is to have a piece read on a larger scale yet still pushing the paint, using artistic license to go beyond what was done before. A unique change up, in the palette, I had fun playing with color and using the composition to lead the viewer into the painting. With the bright bright light we have in the south the marsh takes on colors that can be extreme. The paint and texture of this painting is layered with vibrations of color play within.


Vibrant Marsh | 48x48 | Oil and Wax | CJK
Vibrant Marsh | 48×48 | Oil and Wax | CJK

This large scale contemporary marsh painting is full of color and energy. Pushing color it is an uplifting vibrant painting and depiction of the marsh. Here in Florida the light sends the marshes into shock waves of color. As an artist its fun to push the boundary’s. Vibrant Marsh is ablaze with color!