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Sometimes you love and appreciate an artist’s body of work, but want a customized artwork bespoke to your decor color and style, often the perfect size for a specific spot in your home or corporate office is needed.

Claire Jane Kendrick has successfully worked with many collectors to help define and execute their unique vision in a commissioned piece. Known locally and internationally for her dramatic large seascape and landscape works of art, her paintings bring a sense of color and drama to any room!

Claire in her previous career worked as a designer in the fast paced environment of the fashion world. Living in Dublin, London, Paris and Brussels she has traveled extensively she takes commission work seriously and has a brilliant stylish aesthetic in imagining and creating a work of art that will sing in a room.

If a client is in a build stage or has a unique area of their home, that requires custom size works of art. Typically you should allow 4–12 weeks for completion, depending on the size of project and the artist’s schedule.