A Selection of Works from my Home Studio.

A Selection of Works from my Home Studio.

Seascapes by CJK

Hello to friends and collectors from my home and studio. Here are a few paintings from my Seascape Series.

 Sometimes seeing the paintings hanging in a room give a better understanding of size and scale.

Summer Marsh 20×20

Clarity 40×60

Sandbar 40×40

Pathway to Calm 36×60

Seaside Haven 36×60 – Front Right
Pathway to Calm 36×60 – Left
Sandbar 40×40 – Back Wall

Making a splash 18×18

Textured Sky 12×12

Coastal Haze 12×12

All works of art are for sale.

 Please direct message me for more details claire@cjk-usa.com

Claire Jane Kendrick, was born in Ireland and attended college in England at Manchester Metropolitan University, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree. She worked as a fashion designer in France, Belgium, Sweden and England before relocating to the United States of America in 2006. It was then she returned to painting, full time. A gifted colorist, her paintings are bold, rich, and beautifully textured.
Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints. Pushing boundaries, Claire often starts a painting outdoors and uses a series of washes giving a free-flow effect which she then decides to manipulate or leave. This is a process of constant editing, painting, taking away then reapplying paint and wax, building the image slowly in layers.
“You should paint as you live life; expression should be in your work. See the things of beauty you enjoy and fill your life with that energy.”
A member of Oil Painters of America, Claire’s paintings have been published in American Art Collector Magazine, Florida Design and Veranda Magazine. Attracting a local and international following, Claire is dedicated to pursuing her painting career, and has studied with Contemporary American Painters, notably Anne Packard.

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