Ancient City Compass Interview

Ancient City Compass Interview

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by professional photographer Richard Dole, who is on a quest exploring the rich tapestry of Greater St Augustine, FL

Richard did great interviews with myself and Worley Faver, the photos are just WOW РRichard  your work is amazing. Visit the Worley Faver Gallery, in St Augustine to see pottery by Worley and paintings by C J K.

A Refreshing Vision

In the hustle of everyday life, it is easy for native Floridians to take for granted the local landscape, or at least not to give it a second thought. It is not that we don’t appreciate our surroundings, we do. Every now and again we need to be reminded and reawakened to the beauty of northeast Florida. Claire Jane Kendrick is an artist whose paintings accomplish this. Originally from Ireland, she moved to Florida in 2006 after stints in France, Belgium, Sweden, and England…………

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Ancient City Compass

Claire J Kendrick, artist