Anne Packard

Anne Packard

A Celebratory Tribute to Anne Packard: A Stalwart in American Artistry Turned 90

In the picturesque town of Provincetown, Massachusetts, the art world eagerly anticipated the 90th birthday celebration this summer of the esteemed American painter, Anne Packard. Born in 1933 in Hyde Park, New York, Packard has left an indelible mark on the art community with her breathtaking watercolors, oils, pastels, mono prints, and pen ink creations.

Having had the privilege of conversing with Anne on the deck of her enchanting home, nestled in the heart of Provincetown, I reflect on the profound impact she has had on my artistic journey. Back in 2011, Anne graciously invited me to her Cape Cod residence, introducing me to the area’s scenic beauty. Together, we engaged in Plein Air sketching, exploring her favorite viewpoints, and sharing insights that significantly influenced my early career.

Our artistic camaraderie continued over the years through regular emails and shared sketches and paintings. Anne’s keen eye and thoughtful critiques became an invaluable part of my creative process, guiding me towards self-editing and artistic refinement. Despite her fame and enduring family legacy, Anne Packard remains a humble, ever-curious spirit—a seeker in constant pursuit of the next inspirational view.

Returning to Cape Cod in May 2016 for a coveted residency at the C-scape Dune Shack, I once again sought Anne’s guidance. Covered in paint and surrounded by miles of canvas, she offered a critique of the work I had completed during my time in the dunes. Her wisdom and encouragement further fueled my artistic endeavors.

As Anne turns 90, her commitment to her craft remains unwavering. A deep work ethic, an insatiable drive, and a relentless search for meaning define her artistic journey. Her tranquil scenes, known for their calming effect, take us on personal journeys that resonate with the soul.

In celebrating Anne Packard’s remarkable life and contributions to the art world, let us extend our heartfelt gratitude. Her friendship is a cherished treasure, and her enduring legacy serves as an incredible inspiration to artists and art enthusiasts alike. Here’s to Anne Packard—a beacon of creativity, wisdom, and artistic excellence as she embarks on the next chapter of her extraordinary journey at the easel.

Anne Packard, photo: Claire Kendrick, 2023

Both her grandparents were painters, grandmother, Zella, and grandfather, Max Bohm (Gold Medalist of the Paris Salon in 1898 for his painting, “En Mer”) Max is credited for his leadership in the establishment of Provincetown as a successful artist’s colony. This artistic lineage is, in part, how Provincetown became so deeply rooted within the family.