Artist Residency (Part 3/4) – Awarded through the Provincetown Community Compact

Artist Residency (Part 3/4) – Awarded through the Provincetown Community Compact

Artist Residency (Video 3)

C-scape Dune Dwellers

This place has a mystical baroness. One has to live in, to experience it. I am honored to join a long list of talented artistic people whose creative journeys have brought them here. I feel I have graduated into a special tribe of Dune Dwellers by staying in one of the historic Dune Shack’s.

The solitude struck me, and I worked prolifically to fill the void. My wish coming here was to have more studio time it was my intention to paint. I was compelled to use every moment painting feverishly – greedily grabbing every moment waking at 5am – the days were long. I just can’t believe how long the felt. It was as if one day became two. Amazing how much can be done without distraction or interruption!

When weary from work I walked the beach, finding humor in the items washed ashore. Washed up items formed a narrative and it was fun to observe.

Thank you C-Scape – Jay, Tom and John. We are all custodians but you have maintained a special place allowing artists an opportunity to self-care, develop, thrive and to be inspired.

Thank you.




Top Tips for Dune Shack Travelers

  • If you need a rollicking laugh out loud moment read T.S.Eliot – Hysteria (book of short poem’s 1909 – 1935 on the bookshelf)
  • Find the correct beach path to avoid finding yourself at the top of a two story dune cliff.
  • One artist in residence writes “I slept like a princess beneath the mosquito netting….” – this was NOT my first thought but I was grateful for the tip and positive sprit of this resident!
  • You build a stamina for beach walking – Dune Legs quickly develop (ignore the burning). I was thankful for the walking stick idea, for getting up a very steep really helps!!
Photo taken by CJK at C-Scape Dune Shack
Photo taken by CJK at C-Scape Dune Shack
  • Good traction on low tide – lightweight walking shoes! Spring tide high tides makes soft sand slow going.
  • Don’t give bugs or critters a chance to dine with you. I scraped every scrap of leftover food into a Ziploc bag and kept it in the freezer. Dump at the end of your stay.
  • Beach combing – I found a lucky green one dollar bill. LOL
  • I feel valued as an artist to have this opportunity. Gratitude fills your heart during this experience.
  • Seals become your lookout friends.
  • It took me a long time to unwind and I really enjoyed this place for what it is. I hope you find that space with ease.
  • Making tea/coffee becomes a ritual take time to enjoy the labor involved.
  • In Ireland there is an expression used frequently when describing a distinct personality. “They are the salt of the Earth” – I feel connected to this part of my being. I have a hankering for my homeland.
  • C-yourself @ C-scape – O.K a bit corny but observe your lesser and finer traits and acknowledge them.
  • Fear, Necessity & Creativity have a wonderful time playing together here! I mostly use fear to propel me to work! I worked a-lot.
  • Always keep one set of clean dry clothes to sleep in. –Sleep is important.
  • Time allows us to Fine Tune!!!
  • Outdoor Shower – the dune shack is on the flight path of low flying planes! LOL
Photos by CJK on an aritst in residence visit to C-Scape Dune Shack. MA
Photos by CJK on an aritst in residence visit to C-Scape Dune Shack. MA
  • Don’t miss the light show at Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Exercise is a good answer to restless sleep.
  • Weather on the hour – 104.7Ocean.
  • Lemons for water and cleaning the water stains off the sink.
  • Viewfinder a good tool for editing a scene it’s easy to try to put in too much.
  • Beauport Easel has been great for oversized work. Easy-L for smaller plein air work.