Artist Video Profile | Filmed in Ireland Jan 2015

Claire Jane Kendrick | Video Profile
Filmed in Ireland Jan 2015

I am so inspired when returning to my homeland, this short video was filmed in January 2015 when I was visiting friends and family in Co. Donegal, Ireland. It is a stunning area with a rugged coast lots of sandy coves and a maritime climate. This video gives you an insight!

As an artist it’s a joy to watch the weather fronts roll in and the light break through the clouds. It’s so dramatic!! The open vistas remind me of looking out over the expansive marsh lands in my new home north Florida – however the temperatures are very different!

Ireland has a rich heritage of poets, painters, musicians and the land and stunning scenery make you stop in your tracks and admire “God’s country”! Of course the locals use that expression because it’s an area supposed to be favored, especially an isolated beautiful rural land like my native region. Maybe it’s the isolation, that lets the creativity happen. That’s true for me. I have to allow myself time in the studio without interruption.

cjk hornhead

Living across the pond on the east coast of the United States I look out on the Atlantic Ocean and I’m challenged as an artist to capture its vastness. The high seas and big storm fronts remind me of my native home, Ireland, the North West Outpost of Europe. Those memories combined with the ferociousness of the weather fronts brings a depth and passion to my work, yet the stillness and peace of the southern shores is a soothing calm and is both a joy and quest to capture as a plein air and studio painter.

As a plein air painter there is an urgency and need to capture the essence of your vista – it’s sparked by emotion and energy. Then the atmosphere and weather of the outdoors adds to the paintings aliveness. All this –- the vigor of life is to be conveyed onto a canvas. It is a love, and a challenge.

“The vistas of possibility are only limited by the shortness of life.” -Winston Churchill


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