Coastal Beach Paintings

Coastal Beach Paintings

Artist’s Notes

When on day trips or beach outings I sometimes travel with my “plein air” supply’s not always though….. sometimes a coastal scene grabs you and you simply take a chance to jot down a quick sketch and some color notes. The notes inform a small study, or sketch and when these are interesting sometimes they become larger works of art, back at the studio.

Small Coastal Paintings

Ocean View & Flight of Fancy each 10”x10” sold together or separately. Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. These small paintings inspired larger works go to my website to see more large paintings. #coastal #art #coastallife #islandlife #shoreline #beach

Large Works of Art

Yes sometimes proportions change or ..I change the color. The paint decides – its called ‘artistic license’. Some artists grid out the canvas and go for an exact replica – that’s OK too – not me, I ….”jump over the hedge and into a bed of crocodiles” – (A teacher of mathematics told me that years ago – my family thought it hilarious and have quoted it to me over and over)

While I learned the calculated approach works better for mathematics – Luckily in painting the spontaneous “go for it” approach allows fun and creativity to grow, its a good attribute – so I say – go with the flow and allow each work to become its own thing.

Incoming Tide 36×36 Oil on Linen
Coastal Life 36×60 Oil on Linen

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