Gestural Drawings

which is most concerned with the essence of the pose, and an economy of means in its representation, rather than a careful study of modeling of light on the form. You’re letting the pencil roam freely and quickly in order to capture the model’s movement

For some artists, there is a calisthenic logic: just as an athlete warms up before exercising or participating in sports, artists use gesture drawing to prepare themselves mentally and physically for a figure drawing session. The fast pace of gesture poses help an artist “loosen up” to avoid a stiff drawing style.

The artist who undertakes gesture drawing also receives the benefits of self-training their drawing ability. This kind of very rapid drawing of the figure builds (through the act of frequent repetition) an instinctive understanding of human proportions which may aid the artist when executing more extended works.”  – Wikipedia

Pragmatic | 9" x 12" | Oil Sketch 

Write it down | 9″ x 12″ | Oil Sketch

These are  lively, paintings with spontaneity and an aliveness that is often a challenge and more physically demanding to the artist in a larger format.