Love Wasteland

Love Wasteland

36″ x 48″ | Oil Encaustic | Love Wasteland


“Love Wasteland”

One of the greatest human needs is love and connection – yet how often do we take time to consider how good we are at building friendships, connections meaningful relationships. So rarely to we think about how we contribute, are we good friends, companions, lovers?

Think about the green drips representing –

Volume bars on a stereo showing the love that’s in life.

Notches on a bed post….!

Tombstones marking love or friendships lost.

Memorable meetings, fun times shared.

Like stocks and shares the rise and fall, what do we value.

The dates and gatherings we have planned in our future.

Those lost in conflict!

Those who are important to us.

Even a tiny bloom can survive in a wasteland; our choices can effect what’s in the vase.