Oil Figure Sketches

“Corners of my Mind”
8″ x10″ | Oil Sketch | CJK


 8" x10" | Oil Sketch | CJK
“One and Only”
8″ x10″ | Oil Sketch | CJK


These oil sketches were quick fire sketches – done with the kind of abandon one should shoot for especially when working with a model and under a time pressure. Don’t think too hard, just paint, and respond with intent, be alert.

Unfortunately I got wrapped up in a larger canvas and longer pose, it lost the energy the spontaneity it became overworked, it’s a wiper now painted over…. no longer available! It will be a marvelous under painting for the next session and when someone asks me how long it takes to do a painting, I must remember to add the hours, of efforts lost and lessons and learnt.