Claire Kendrick’s Artistic Journey: Bridging Realism and Impressionism

Claire Kendrick’s Artistic Journey: Bridging Realism and Impressionism

One Day, 36×36, Oil on Canvas Framed, 2023, Claire J Kendrick

This painting was part of the 2023 Oil Painters of America Spring Online Showcase. “One Day” 36×36 Oil on Canvas | Available via Atlantic Contemporary Gallery, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach. FL

OPA strives to maintain the highest ethical practices and levels of integrity in oil painting. Our intent is to be true to the history of oil painting and the traditions that have been upheld for centuries.

Claire Kendrick, an affiliated member of Oil Painters of America (OPA), showcased her remarkable talent this summer in the OPA’s dedicated exhibition for the preservation of representational art. While OPA is renowned for its association with highly rendered, tight, and realistic painters, Kendrick’s work stands out as a testament to the diverse creative voices within the organization.

Participating in national, regional, and salon exhibitions, Kendrick’s art is exhibited, offering a unique blend of representation, impressionism, and a touch of abstraction. Her dedication to pushing artistic boundaries challenges the traditional expectations often associated with OPA, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to embracing a variety of styles.

One of Kendrick’s notable pieces will be featured in the upcoming December 2nd, Christmas show hosted by Atlantic Contemporary, the collaboration with Atlantic Contemporary provides a platform for art enthusiasts to experience Kendrick’s distinctive approach.

Claire Kendrick’s artistic journey exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of realism and impressionism. As an artist who navigates the intricate balance between tradition and innovation, Kendrick continues to captivate audiences, proving that art, much like her paintings, knows no bounds.

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