Park Life – Figurative Studies – Inspired by Peggi Kroll Roberts.

For a few years I have been inspired by the painter Peggi Kroll Roberts. She’s lives and works in California and when I heard she was teaching here in Florida I jumped at the chance to join one of her workshops.

It’s good to get out of the studio and to work with professional full time artist is always valuable. Peggi shared great painting tips and it was interesting to learn what life is like on the road, as she travels taking part in professional plein air events across the United States.

Observation is the key and as you work those muscles – seeing, mixing, and using value and color becomes a way of defining an object or shape. She calls it “Pattern painting” – You have to put the millage in! I valued her advice on painting casual everyday set ups around your home or studio. Making quick sketches of people in the park or on the beach or at home.

Demos were quick – not too long – enough to get the fundamentals in. She stresses the importance of developing your own voice, I enjoy the way she applies paint in a confident buttery way and really observes color and value fantastically. Needless to say I’m a fan of her work. We had a couple of models for plein air work in the park and also plenty of still life studio time.

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Below a few of my paintings –

Park Life, Acid Tones | 6″ x 10″ | Oil | CJK
Park Life |Chit Chat | 7" x 9" | Oil
Park Life, Chit Chat | 7″ x 9″ | Oil | CJK
Park Life, Pink Blanket | 6″ x 8″ | Oil | CJK
Park Life, Red Shorts | 6″ x 8″ | Oil | CJK
Park Life, Sport Chic | 6″ x 9″ | Oil | CJK
Park Life, Waiting | 9″ x 6″ | Oil | CJK

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Peggi spoke about being inspired by the late “David Park” and “Elmer Bischoffe” amongst many others but these are two artists from the abstract expressionist movement that I also resonate with.