Patchwork thoughts!

“Patchwork thoughts” | 5″ x 7″ | Oil | CJK

Our faces sometimes tell a thousand words – In a recent portrait session, I painted some interesting studies, fashion edgy, buxom attitude, — they are reaching for an attitude more than a likeness. This painting seemed so thoughtful. Much of what we bring to a painting is our own experience it’s our feeling and also the energy of the model. We are all giving off energy vibrations — sitting still in a life drawing session really allows you to see that you must respond to that in order to say something in your painting.

“Before we speak, our gestures, postures and facial expressions are already broadcasting messages to those around us. And while we are speaking, they continue to do so, usefully clarifying what we say – or perhaps contradicting us in tell- tale ways.” Dr. Peter Marsh