Personalize Your World: The Power of Commissioned Art in 2024

Personalize Your World: The Power of Commissioned Art in 2024

When ordering a commissioned oil painting, consider the following key points:

1. Artist Selection: Research and choose an artist whose style aligns with your preferences.
2. Budget: Discuss pricing details, including any additional costs for customization or specific requests.
3. Size and Format: Specify the dimensions and format (portrait, landscape) of the painting you desire.
4. Subject Matter: Clearly communicate the subject, theme, and any specific elements you want included.
5. Timeline: Establish a timeline for completion and delivery, considering the complexity of the artwork.
6. Medium and Materials: Confirm the use of high-quality oil paints and canvas for a lasting painting.
7. Approval Process: Discuss how you will be involved in the approval process, including previews or updates.
8. Shipping and Handling: Understand the artist’s policies regarding shipping, insurance, and handling of the finished painting.
9. Payment Terms: Agree on payment terms, including deposits and final payment upon completion.
10. Contract: If you’re working directly with an artist and not via a reputable gallery, consider having a written contract outlining all agreed-upon terms to avoid misunderstandings

Salty Blues, Available via Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples, FL
Salty Blues Oil on Canvas Diptych

Unleash Creativity: Top Reasons to Commission Art in 2024 by Claire Jane Kendrick

1. Proven track record in the art world, collaborating with galleries and independently handling numerous commission projects.
2. Extensive work with architects, offering a unique perspective on spatial design perspective and scale in a painting how planning can be most important in a room.
3. Hands-on experience on building sites, ensuring practical knowledge of construction processes, recommendations on hanging systems.
4. Familiarity with spaces pre-completion for personalized commissioned paintings.
5. Claire’s background as a fashion designer, bringing expertise in color, texture, and fabric to artistic endeavors. Color matching and predicting the impact of color in a room.
6. Proficiency facilitating seamless collaboration with designers and collectors.
7. Skillful in color forecasting from Claire’s early career in the fashion industry, showcasing an ability to harmonize colors within conceptual frameworks.
8. Adept at translating design concepts into landscapes, or seascapes demonstrating artistic versatility.
9. Recognized for a unique artistic style, particularly celebrated for sea, and landscapes. Specialized in infusing a sense of drama into interiors through her artwork, ensuring a captivating and impactful presence in any room.
10. Commitment to individuality in each artwork, never producing the same piece twice, enhancing credibility. Providing collectors with unique paintings for a cherished ownership experience.