Plum Art Gallery, St Augustine, FL

I will be exhibiting this summer at Plum Art Gallery, St Augustine. Florida. The gallery is run by artist and business women Karen Sheridan and she does a wonderful job of promoting professional and emerging talent. Located on one of the oldest streets in the United States this contemporary art gallery is a breath of fresh air for tourists and locals.

The City of St. Augustine redesigned the brick street in 2010 to create a pedestrian friendly zone with wider sidewalks, additional benches and landscaping. The setting is more intimate than St. George Street. The street has a wonderful mix of fine dining and casual eateries with outdoor seating, kid friendly menus and ethnic cuisines from around the globe.

An oasis of calm, Aviles Street is like a secret discovery downtown it has an old world charm of yesteryear and Plum Art Gallery adds a cool vibe exhibiting sculpture, fine art and artisan hand crafted jewelry.


Vilano Marsh | 12" x 12" | Oil | CJK
Vilano Marsh | 12″ x 12″ | Oil | CJK
My Sweet | 5″ x 7″ | Oil | CJK

St Augustine and Vilano beach are home to me now (originally from Northern Ireland I moved here 9 years ago), and the landscape, marsh views and ocean are a huge source of inspiration…I will be showing a selection of the plein air and studio landscape paintings. At different times of the day and in different seasons the landscape comes alive with color – pushing the boundary is always the challenge. Sometimes working intensely on a theme helps in exploring possibilities in a painting. Its not unusual for me to revisit a place and observe from a slightly different viewpoint each time reaching for a new perspective. Each painting is a learning experience changing scale prompts new decisions.

Crazy Fun | 9x9 | Oil | CJK
Crazy Fun | 9×9 | Oil | CJK


Cumulonimbus | 6x8 | Oil and Wax | CJK
Cumulonimbus | 6×8 | Oil and Wax | CJK

My technique has developed over time and larger pieces are inspired by small plein air studies. Cold wax medium is applied to oil paint and oil pastel  – the larger pieces are created after many sessions on the easel allowing layers of paint to dry and sometimes the technique  demands paint is scraped away to let under layers show through. The subtleties of layering are best seen in person as is hard to see in a photograph or online.

Visit Plum Gallery Thursday – Sunday and by appointment Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tel  904-377-5166

Group Show runs June July August –


St Augustine Marshlands 1 & 2 | 30 x 60 | Oil Encaustic
St Augustine Marshlands 1 & 2 | 30 x 60 | Oil Encaustic on Ampersand Panels
Karen Sheridan Paintings at Plum Art Gallery


Window – CJK Paintings | St Augustine Marshlands 1 & 2 | 30 x 30 each | Oil Encaustic on Ampersand Panels