Exhibition of Figure Paintings by CJK

Figuratively Speaking Photos from the opening exhibition at the Cultural Center Ponte Vedra Beach, FL “Figuratively Speaking”. — The beauty of being figurative while conversing or writing is that it creates a subtle, special meaning. The nuances of figurative language create associations and suggestions in the listener’s mind that have not been stated implicitly. When painting the viewer uniquely observes and they in turn have their own private reaction, based on their views, life experience, feeling towards the work.  

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Don’t Say Too Much..!

When most people think about painting or drawing, the first thing that comes to mind is the representational work of the Old Masters the detailed drawings of Michelangelo or Da Vinci. Expressive painting, by contrast, comes from breaking the rules and the traditional limitations of classical teaching and exploring freer, more intimate and intuitive forms of expression. What is similar is that the painting starts with strong composition but in contrast rather than planning or drawing the subject the early

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