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Cape Cod Life, Demo at Trees Place!

Living in Saint Augustine, FL, Claire J Kendrick has firmly established herself as a working artist. Claire became an American Citizen in 2022, having been here for 18 years, Claire grew up in Northern Ireland and is proud of her British & Irish roots. Claire has had a connection with Cape Cod since 2012 when she visited for the first time. This easterly outcrop of the United States, Cape Cod with its dramatic sea and changing skies touched an emotional

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Artist Residency (Part 2/4) – Awarded through the Provincetown Community Compact

“For a small group of intrepid adventurers, summer means living in a minimalist shack on the dunes at the tip of Cape Cod. For years the diminutive abodes have attracted artist, writers and naturalists longing to escape the hubbub of the hectic world of their day-to-day lives.” – Josephine Breen Del Deo, The Watch at Peaked Hill Outer Cape Cod Dune Shack Life 1953- 2003. Artist Residency (Video 2)     Claire J. Kendrick was awarded through the Provincetown Community

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