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  Recent interview with CJK by Voyager MIA. http://voyagemia.com/interview/check-claire-jane-kendrick-cjk-studios-artwork/ A recent interview with Voyage MIA – Thought-Provokers series. Thanks to Dan Goodman Editorial Staff & Photographer Layla Perchal Neal #art #artoncentre #gardnercolbygallery #plumgallery #cjk_studio#artist #thoughtprovokers #palmbeach #miami #naples #staugutine#fernandina #oilpainter Join my mailing list – sign up via my website. www.cjk-studio.com Email: claire@cjk-studio.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/cjk_studio/
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Large Scale Dynamic Landscapes in Oil Paint

Expressive Contemporary Landscapes by Claire J Kendrick showing at Plum Gallery. Art Walk (St. Augustine) – Late Night Opening 1st Friday of Every Month. Working in Oil and Wax the matte texture of Kendricks landscape paintings show the energy and brushwork of the artist. Modern interpretations of the Marshlands north of St. Augustine, are inspiration for Kendrick who lives and works on Vilano  Beach. Pushing the boundary of what is traditionally expected in Landscape painting Kendricks paintings are recognizable but […]

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St. Augustine from Vilano – Oil Painting

Art Lovers – The original oil painting of “St. Augustine from Vilano” is exhibiting at Plum Art Gallery on Aviles Street, St Augustine. FL.            

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