Progression Video 4

https://www.cjk-studio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Large_Scale_Progression_-_CJK_v4_1080p.mp4 Commission a Painting by artist Claire J Kendrick, the process is exhilarating! We work with the collector’s, visit the site, produce sample artwork en plein air, help them define the look and composition that works best. Superimposed renderings of artwork on photos of the wall spaces, until we reach the perfect answer for the collector, and composition for the space. Sometimes you love and appreciate an artist’s body of work, but want a customized artwork bespoke to your decor

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Progression Video 3

https://www.cjk-studio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Large_Scale_Painting_-_v3_282849550_720x720_F30.mp4 Artist Claire Jane Kendrick shares her process when approaching large scale fine art painting. Claire has successfully worked with many collectors to help define and execute their unique vision in a commissioned piece. A recent collector has commissioned a 6.5 ft x12 ft Landscape Painting by Irish Painter Claire J Kendrick she has been based State Side near St. Augustine, Florida, for the last 14 years and is known locally and internationally for her dramatic large seascape and landscape

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