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Figure Paintings at Modern Villa Gallery, OR

A selection of figure paintings exhibiting at the Modern Villa Gallery, OR

Looking Up | 12×12 | Oil on Canvas                      Red | 12×12 | Oil on Canvas

Humble Pose | 12×12 | Oil on Canvas | SOLD     Confused | 12×12 | Oil on  Canvas

The Modern Villa is a contemporary art gallery resting on the rocky shores of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

A mere hour and a half from Portland, Modern Villa’s exhibitions embody the region’s rustic coastline appeal. We showcase two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of a variety of different mediums, while some of our highlights include expressionist lifestyle, seascape and landscape paintings. Our exhibited works can be purchased on location. Alternatively, we offer in-home and office previews to interested patrons by appointment in the Portland/Vancouver region. Awaken your imagination with a visit to Modern Villa Gallery, located at “The Landing” and open daily from 10-5pm.

Modern Villa Gallery | 224 N. Hemlock #6 Cannon Beach, OR 97110 | tel:503-436-2428

Claire J KendrickFigure, Oil PaintingAugust 28, 20150 comments
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Figure Exhibition | Cultural Center Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

March 6th – April 17th, 2015

“Figuratively Speaking”

Beautiful | 10x8 | Oil

Beautiful | 10×8 | Oil

The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach will open a unique exhibition featuring artist Claire Kendrick, March 6 – April 17th. “Figuratively Speaking” is a series of oil paintings and sketches which studies the human figure. Each year the curatorial committee select artists to exhibit and as study of the nude figure has long been at the heart of traditional education in the arts, it is an important exhibition and shows a real commitment to painting.
This is a contemporary body of work that brings a fresh, modern approach to figure painting. There is a freedom and energy in the way she applies paint and builds the paintings in this series as she pushes the boundaries towards abstract.

“The dialogue is something I strive for–what is spoken and what is left unspoken–it’s the tension and energy between the painting and the private dialogue–the interpretation of the viewer(s)–their need to fill in the gaps. Body language is the unspoken dialogue.” – Claire Kendrick

Shadow Side | 7x5 |Oil

Shadow Side | 7×5 |Oil

Artists Notes

“Figuratively Speaking”. — The beauty of being figurative while conversing or writing is that it creates a subtle, special meaning. The nuances of figurative language create associations and suggestions in the listener’s mind that have not been stated implicitly.
When painting the viewer uniquely observes and they in turn have their own private reaction, based on their views, life experience, feeling towards the work.
The paintings capture the private moment between a model and the artist. It’s a non-objective beginning — I never quite know what energy will come across the paintings. I sometimes capture the mood of the model or conversely it’s my reaction to the pose. Of course there is always a part of me in the work but the best paintings have something unintended — an element of surprise and mystery. They are works of art that can never be repeated because of the complex layering of paint.


“This is an exciting exhibition of contemporary figure paintings. It has taken over two years for the series exhibiting at the Cultural Center, to become reality and I’m very excited as it marks an important milestone in my career as a professional artist. Visiting Cape Cod and working with Anne Packard and her daughter Cynthia Packard in 2012 was pivotal in initiating the series.” – CJK

Opening Night Friday March 6th (5.30pm – 8pm)

Claire J KendrickDrawing, Exhibition, Figure, Installation, Oil PaintingFebruary 17, 20150 comments
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Mix it up!

Getting back into Figure Drawing after a bit of a break…. so back and mixing it up!

Using some old panels I painted in Oil and Oil Pastel….zoom in — zoom out…..some new perspectives! Switch it up and mix it up, never a predictable outcome, but keeps ya thinking!

Have you a favorite… let me know!


I love my iPhone | 8″ x 8″ | Oil & Oil Pastel on Board

Robot Wars | 8″ x 10″ | Oil on Board

Abstract Marks | 8″ x 8″ | Oil & Oil Pastel on Board


Top Tip – I use Sennelier Oil Pastels Standard – Portrait Colors and Landscape Colors

“Sennelier Oil Pastels are made from the highest quality pigments, an extremely pure synthetic binding medium, and neutral pH mineral wax. The non-siccative nature of the binding medium ensures it will not oxidize and has no effect on film stability, while the mineral wax gives the pastels their creamy, buttery texture not unlike that of lipstick. The high pigment load in Sennelier Oil Pastels provides them with an opacity and covering power.”  –  ASW

Claire J KendrickFigure, Oil PaintingOctober 15, 20130 comments
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New Painting in the Figure Series

12″ x 12″ | Looking Up | Oil | CJK

If you are interested in Figure Drawing or Painting consider attending –

One Day Figure Workshop at St Augustine Art Association.

It’s an open studio session, no tuition.

Live Model Session
Intermediate / Advanced artist’s

Date: Monday August 19th, 2013
Cost: $35

Time: 10.30am – 4.00pm Lunch Break (12.30 – 1.30)

The model ( Rebecca ) will be in a sitting / lying position with backdrop and props offering textural and color interest. The session intends to offer artists the opportunity to work on large scale or detailed paintings or drawings. Pose offers interesting front or back study’s.

– Maximum of 10 people in the workshop.
Easels / Tables provided – please arrive at 10am to set up as session will start at 10.30am sharp.

Please sign up by contacting Elyse Brady
Phone: (904) 824-2310
St Augustine Art Association
22 Marine St, St Augustine, FL 32084


Claire J. Kendrick presents  a contemporary body of work that brings a fresh, personal, unique, and modern approach to figure painting. There is a freedom and energy, not only in the way she applies paint, but in the way she sees the figure that pushes the boundaries toward the abstract. “The dialogue is something I strive for. What is spoken and what is left unspoken. It is the tension and energy between the painting and the viewer’s interpretation of the work.”Claire paints landscape, still-life, and figurative paintings. Collectors respond to the unique contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints.

Claire J KendrickDrawing, Exhibition, Figure, Oil PaintingJuly 29, 20130 comments
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Female Figure Painting

Peace| 12″ x 12″ | Oil on canvas | Claire J Kendrick


Zen |12″ x 12″ | Oil on canvas | Claire J Kendrick



Its been great to find a figure drawing/ painting group at CORK , this is a great group of artists in the Jacksonville area. The class is a self directed style session that is broken into timed segments. We draw from a  live model and each time the human form is observed in a new body posture – sitting, standing or even sleeping. It is the study or stylized depiction of the human form. Here are two paintings and each pose was painted in a 30 min segment.



Claire J KendrickOil PaintingJuly 19, 20120 comments
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