Loving You | 18×18 each

Loving You 18×18 Oil Wax & Pastel Claire J Kendrick is an artist whose paintings reflect Florida landscapes with bold, rich, beautiful colors. Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints. The big open vistas and the marsh views that stretch for miles are some of her favorite subjects to paint. “This is a hot climate and colorful coast it’s a joy to live here. I love the expanse of the marshlands, the big

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Bittersweet: The Embodiment of the Heart

Love Wasteland | 36 x 48 | Oil Encaustic | Claire Kendrick Even in a wasteland a tiny seed can grow and blossom. Here a vase of abundance – placed in a void land. In the painting the green drips & runs, may be troubles or blessings depending on your viewpoint. Finding yourself in a love wasteland – means you must decide to perish, regrow or bloom. “Life advances through my attitudes and actions.” – Julia Cameron “Bloom where you

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