Brides Bouquet inspires Painting – Newlywed Gift

The Bridal Bouquet was inspiration for the wedding gift given to a wonderful couple. The painting is to be a reminder of their special day. Please view a Progression Video, of the painting “Sweet Wild Blooms”. Artists notes- The subject and style of the Bridal Bouquet lends itself to a timeless lasting work of art. Instead of the bouquet floating in mid – air or placed on its side, the floral arrangement is set into a glass vase. Keeping the

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6″ x 8″ | Oil on canvas | In studio “Bride” – Here another still life  set up this time a different angle. I love how sensitive this palette is.

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Special Occasion

6″ x 8″ | Oil on canvas | In studio Using the new shadow box I painted these stunning shoes for the still life set up, using GE halogen 35 light. This little gem is called Special Occasion!

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