Crazy lady almost sees red….!

Its crazy moving house and I have had lots of distractions lately mainly with moving…. so its been lots of packing and unpacking! I’ve also been in a hurry to get back to the paint, its never good to leave things too long. These orange lilies were just the ticket to get back in the studio!!

The first sketch was just a little warm up, and I wanted to try something different with the composition.

Little Vase | 14 ” x 18 ” | Oil sketch on canvas | Claire J Kendrick


Overflowing | 22″ x 28″ | Oil Encaustic on Canvas | Claire J Kendrick

This was looking far too safe until I blasted some hot wax and let it pour down through the vase. The overflow was just what this needed to break a few rules. It was better than smashing something!!

Orange Lilies| 30″ x 30″ | Oil Encaustic on Canvas | Claire J Kendrick

These mad orange monsters really have a mind and conversation all of their own!!. The photo doesn’t do this painting justice as it has  lots of life in it with layering of paint. I would have liked a clearer hierarchy but the eye travels around the composition. I will keep you updated with the evolution of an idea. An energetic painting because the crazy lady painting it had a busy mind… !! LOL