Video Conferencing. Fine Art, it should be all about you!

Video Conferencing. Fine Art, it should be all about you!

Pink orchids 36×36 oil on canvas – original and giclee prints available

Around the globe we are video conferencing and as a result getting a glance into homes and offices. There will be a view of one of my paintings when you talk wealth management with Denise Hagan – Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company.

Your décor should be representative of you personality and/or profession. People often relate better to someone if they can get clues as to who the person is, which is something you can do with your background and personal appearance.

Avoid using works of art with glass as there is often a glare. You can have a frame shop use museum glass which will also preserve the life of the artwork and stop glare. Oil Paintings do not require glass. My oil paintings have a matte quality finish because of the modern mediums and wax that I use. Works of art will stand the test of time and the high quality pigment of paint doesn’t fade or shine.

Try one single statement painting or a collection of several pieces of art, either as part of an arrangement or collected over time. In this case a fine art painting is combined with awards (professional or personal), items from your travels can also be interesting.

Above all, eliminate clutter.  People on your video conference do not want to see a row of coffee cups, messy towers of paper/folders piled high on your desk. Lunch and empty soda cans are also out of the question…and a nice touch (consider getting an attractive drinking glass or coffee cup to use during video conferencing).

Creating a positive environment for yourself during this new phase of Covid, keep communicating and keep safe.

Finally I love these tips from – Fletcher Design Consultants

Final Adjustments
After you are happy with your background, you should make final adjustments to ensure that you look good in your background.

How do your decorative accessories relate to your body – does it look like your lamp is growing out of your arm, does it look like your plant is sitting on your shoulder, is your hair color the same color as an item behind you that makes your hair style look strange, or is your face totally covering your favorite decorative item that you want to show off?

Ensure that there is nothing confidential, ugly, or embarrassing showing.  Can you see electrical cords or cables, is there an inappropriate book on your bookshelf, is your trash can showing, or is there a personal photo visible that should stay private?

Extra Items to Consider
You should also consider your wardrobe when video conferencing.  You probably don’t want to wear a bright floral blouse if there is a bright floral item in your background.  When in doubt, select clothing that is simple, elegant, and professional.  Dress in colors that compliment your background, but are not identical, since identical colors might distort your body shape on video. If you are not comfortable being on video, then screen share a professional looking photo of yourself – do not leave your screen blank.  People like to see faces.  Consider covering your camera so it doesn’t accidentally turn on during of a video conference.