Visual artist Claire J Kendrick showcases Paintings at Jacksonville Internaional Airport.

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) provides travelers the chance to enjoy some of the finest sculpture and fine art installations from artists across the North East Florida region.


“The airport has a collection of beautiful sculpture and original fine art. JIA supports the creative community by giving artist’s the opportunity to showcase their work and with 10.000 people passing through the airport daily, it’s a great privilege to be selected and an opportunity to share my paintings, with an audience beyond what I could have imagined” said Claire. “I have been working on the Botanical Series, a body of 20 paintings for over one year, and it’s an honor to exhibit a selection of paintings from the series in a light, airy, contemporary, public space where thousands of people are going to be able to view them”.


JIA has been recognized by international press for being one of the best airports to be delayed if you’re an art lover. A few years ago the London “Observer”, the arts supplement of the “The Guardian”, highlighted the airport’s art galleries, and set JIA in high esteem alongside Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, London’s Heathrow Airport and Seoul Airport in South Korea.


The Botanical series by Claire J Kendrick are delicate, radiant and powerful paintings of plants and flowers in a contemporary style.


Claire demonstrates the principle that with each brush stroke you have an opportunity to express emotion, depth and passion.  Her paintings inevitably evoke a response from the viewer that is consistent with her intention.  Pushing boundaries, the artist takes the paintings outdoors and uses a blow torch to melt wax mixed with oil paint, giving a free-flow effect which she then decides to manipulate or leave.  This is a process of constant editing, painting, taking away then reapplying paint or wax, building the image slowly in layers.


“You should paint as you live life; expression should be in your work. See the things of beauty you enjoy and fill your life with that energy.”


Haskell Gallery (pre-security): Gordon Meggison & Virginia Cantore Connector Bridge Art Display Cases (pre-security): Jeffrey Edelson.

Concourses A & C Art Display Cases (post-security): Claire Kendrick *All through the months of July/August/September

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