5 Ways Art Can Improve Your Room

5 Ways Art Can Improve Your Room

Art as an investment can affect your surroundings in different ways. Art has the ability to transform your space into something spectacular.

  • Convey a Theme
  • Provide Color
  • Balance and Scale
  • Create a Focal Point
  • Make a Statement

Higher power install


Gardner Colby Installation, “Higher Power” Original SOLD | High Quality Giclee Available

Commission a Painting

Send Claire J Kendrick an email to book space in the 2022 calendar for customized artwork, discuss and plan your next fine art investment.

Gardner Colby Installation

Gardner Colby Installation, Original Painting “Relaxation” SOLD | High Quality Giclee Available

Botanical Oil Painting Commission by CJK – SOLD | Commission requests Accepted

Gallery Partners

Thanks to gallery partners for introducing my work to new collectors and for the placement of many works of art in beautiful homes during 2021.

To collectors, thanks for your trust in the process of commission work. I enjoy the process of working with each of you. Style, design, imagination and envisioning your concept are all at play when I create and fling paint in my studio, relaying these thoughts to canvas. These oil paintings are lasting works with a contemporary feel using modern pigments and mediums. The texture of oil paint is evident, brush marks expressive and great care is taken to make each piece a unique work of art. Claire Jane Kendrick works from CJK- Studio located in St, Augustine Florida and is represented by, Art on Centre, Fernandina, Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples & Plum Gallery, St Augustine FL.

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