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Large Scale Contemporary Oil Paintings.

If you interested in refreshing a space or out to make a major impact, these large scale works of art will add the  “wow” factor to any room. A large scale oil painting by Claire J Kendrick can completely transform a space, shifting the personality, palette or drama in a room. Gestural brushstrokes, strong design, bright colors or muted tones – the intriguing textures of Kendrick’s work will keep you coming back for more. When considering the perfect piece of fine art Claire J Kendrick works with professional gallery representation making the hunt an exciting exercise in exploring the artists body of works. Her gallery’s assist in trying works in your residential or commercial space and can also walk you through the process of commissioning a custom work of art.

Large Scale Works Suitable for Private Residence or Public Space.

Photo : Home Stage Naples Florida “Big Surf ” | 52×66 | Oil on Canvas | Available.

Diptych – Marshland

Diptych Marshscape 36×72 oil on linen gallery wrapped

Pathway to Calm Framed 42×65 Oil on Canvas
Wood frame with white washed wood liner.

Tell me that you love me | 60×60 | gallery wrapped oil on canvas

Coastline 52×66 Gallery Wrapped Oil on Canvas Framed in brushed silver floater frame

Misty 48×48 Oil on Canvas, Gallery Wrapped

Vibrant Marsh 48×48 Oil on Canvas Framed in Metallic Floater Frame

Restful Hideaway 36×60 oil on linen canvas

Tra 60×60 Tra (Irish for Beach) Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrapped

Evening Shimmer on the Intracoastal 36×48 Framed in 2.5″ brushed silver frame

Seeking 48×48

Glorious Oaks | 60×60 | AOC GALLERY

Claire J KendrickAbstract, landscape, Oil Painting, SeascapeMay 12, 20190 comments
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Seeing Anew | 12×12 | Mixed Media available through CJK-Studio

Claire J Kendrick is an artist whose paintings reflect Florida landscapes with bold, rich, beautiful colors. Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints. The big open vistas and the marsh views that stretch for miles are favorite subjects to paint.

“This is a hot climate and colorful coast it’s a joy to live here. I love the expanse of the marshlands, the big cloudscapes, the scenery is dramatic and I try to express that in my paintings. When you’re out painting in these isolated places it feels like you have the world to yourself. The subtle shifts of light can in a moment calm or energize the environment. The paintings on exhibition are color sensations, passionate responses, and magical experiences.”

Claire J KendrickAbstract, Installation, Oil PaintingApril 8, 20170 comments
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Tell me that you love me | 60×60 | Claire J. Kendrick Available through Gardner Colby Gallery

Tell me that you love me | 60×60 | Gardner Colby Gallery –  386 and 365 Broad Avenue South, Gallery Row, Naples, FL, 34102 TEL (239) 403-7787

Living on the east coast of the United States I look out on the Atlantic Ocean and I’m challenged as an artist to capture its vastness. The high seas and big storm fronts remind me of my native home, Ireland, the North West Outpost of Europe. Those memories combined with the ferociousness of the weather fronts brings a depth and passion to my work, yet the stillness and peace of the southern shores is a soothing calm and is both a joy and quest to capture as a plein air and studio painter.

Symbolically the ocean is a sign of power and strength, due to its immensity. Observing and painting the great power of the ocean and its weather fronts is much like having a front row seat at the theater. As a plein air painter there is an urgency and need to capture the essence of your vista – it’s sparked by emotion and energy. Then the atmosphere and weather of the outdoors adds to the paintings aliveness. All this –- the vigor of life is to be conveyed onto a canvas. It is a love, and a challenge.


Claire J KendrickAbstract, Installation, SeascapeApril 8, 20170 comments
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Mini Marsh Paintings with Gold Leaf – Gift Ideas


Evening Shockwaves | 7×5 | Mixed Media and Gold Leaf


Explosion of Color | 7×5 | Mixed Media


Golden Glow on the Marsh | 7×5 | Mixed Media and Gold Leaf







Mixed Media Paintings with Gold Leaf

Using the marsh as inspiration these small paintings are an explosion of color and texture, using Gold Leaf with Oil, and Oil Pastel.

Mixing modern and traditional the art work is shown framed with a traditional Black and Gold Frame, it sets off these little gems to shine.

These are available via CJK-Studio framed or unframed!

Night Sky | 5x7 | Oil and Gold Leaf

Night Sky | 5×7 | Oil and Gold Leaf

Close Up Photos of Modern Mini Marsh Paintings with Traditional Frame – Which one would you choose?


Claire J KendrickAbstract, Oil PaintingNovember 20, 20160 comments
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Contemporary New Seascape Painting – “Aqua”

Available at Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples

Aqua | 36×36 | Oil on Linen | CJK

Artist Notes

This painting is about having the bravery to paint that one heavy impasto wave in a confident stroke. The foreground fragmenting was inspired very loosely from a painting by Henri-Edmond Cross – the Golden Isles, 1891/92

Although the subject of the canvas is indeed the islands, Cross has eliminated all picturesque elements and concentrated on the effects of light on colour. The various elements in the landscape become three large colored bands: the sand, sea and sky.

In keeping with the Neo-impressionist technique that he had recently begun to apply, he used rounded brushstrokes of various sizes from the dabs in the foreground to the tiny dots on the horizon, adjusting the spacing to create a slight effect of perspective. (Musée d’Orsay)

I took inspiration from this and used it in the foreground of this painting  but not in small dots side by side instead I used a much larger bold brush application but borrow the idea that the observer’s eye mixes the colors.

The term Neo-Impressionism refers to a technique where color pigments are no longer mixed either on the palette or directly on canvas, but instead placed as small dots side by side. Mixing of colors takes place from a suitable distance, in the observor’s eye, as an “optical mixture

The pointillism is to take an idea and make it your own. – LOL

Claire J KendrickAbstract, Seascape, UncategorizedOctober 14, 20150 comments
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Mini Plein Air Seascape Paintings

Small Plein Air Paintings are often inspiration for larger works of art. They capture a liveliness and spontaneity and act as color notes and reference when working back in the studio.

Often these paintings are emotional notes — and tapping into that energy shows up in the brushwork. When feeling is conveyed via mark making I think its the visual artists closest link to performance art. We get to perform in the privacy of our own studio’s and hope the viewer sees and shares the passion in the finished painting. The collector gets to keep that energy and be inspired by it.

These wrapped up little gems are available via Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples. – Call Nancy or Pamela for pricing information 239.403.7787

Seascape Tandem | 5" x 7" | Oil on Board | CJK

Seascape Tandem | 5″ x 7″ | Oil on Board | CJK

Beach Storm Watch | 6" x 6" | Oil | CJK

Beach Storm Watch | 6″ x 6″ | Oil | CJK

Abstract ocean | 8"x8" each | Oil Encaustic

Abstract ocean | 8″x8″ each | Oil Encaustic

Seafoam Mini | 6" x 8" | Oil | CJK

Seafoam Mini | 6″ x 8″ | Oil | CJK

Claire J KendrickAbstract, Exhibition, Oil Painting, Plein Air, SeascapeJuly 6, 20150 comments
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Plum Art Gallery, St Augustine, FL

I will be exhibiting this summer at Plum Art Gallery, St Augustine. Florida. The gallery is run by artist and business women Karen Sheridan and she does a wonderful job of promoting professional and emerging talent. Located on one of the oldest streets in the United States this contemporary art gallery is a breath of fresh air for tourists and locals.

The City of St. Augustine redesigned the brick street in 2010 to create a pedestrian friendly zone with wider sidewalks, additional benches and landscaping. The setting is more intimate than St. George Street. The street has a wonderful mix of fine dining and casual eateries with outdoor seating, kid friendly menus and ethnic cuisines from around the globe.

An oasis of calm, Aviles Street is like a secret discovery downtown it has an old world charm of yesteryear and Plum Art Gallery adds a cool vibe exhibiting sculpture, fine art and artisan hand crafted jewelry.


Vilano Marsh | 12" x 12" | Oil | CJK

Vilano Marsh | 12″ x 12″ | Oil | CJK


My Sweet | 5″ x 7″ | Oil | CJK

St Augustine and Vilano beach are home to me now (originally from Northern Ireland I moved here 9 years ago), and the landscape, marsh views and ocean are a huge source of inspiration…I will be showing a selection of the plein air and studio landscape paintings. At different times of the day and in different seasons the landscape comes alive with color – pushing the boundary is always the challenge. Sometimes working intensely on a theme helps in exploring possibilities in a painting. Its not unusual for me to revisit a place and observe from a slightly different viewpoint each time reaching for a new perspective. Each painting is a learning experience changing scale prompts new decisions.

Crazy Fun | 9x9 | Oil | CJK

Crazy Fun | 9×9 | Oil | CJK


Cumulonimbus | 6x8 | Oil and Wax | CJK

Cumulonimbus | 6×8 | Oil and Wax | CJK

My technique has developed over time and larger pieces are inspired by small plein air studies. Cold wax medium is applied to oil paint and oil pastel  – the larger pieces are created after many sessions on the easel allowing layers of paint to dry and sometimes the technique  demands paint is scraped away to let under layers show through. The subtleties of layering are best seen in person as is hard to see in a photograph or online.

Visit Plum Gallery Thursday – Sunday and by appointment Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tel  904-377-5166

Group Show runs June July August –


St Augustine Marshlands 1 & 2 | 30 x 60 | Oil Encaustic

St Augustine Marshlands 1 & 2 | 30 x 60 | Oil Encaustic on Ampersand Panels


Karen Sheridan Paintings at Plum Art Gallery



Window – CJK Paintings | St Augustine Marshlands 1 & 2 | 30 x 30 each | Oil Encaustic on Ampersand Panels



Claire J KendrickAbstract, landscape, Oil PaintingJune 1, 20150 comments
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Symphony Intracoastal | Large Encaustic Oil Painting

Artist Notes

52″ x 66″ | Oil Encaustic | Florida Marsh Painting | “Symphony Intracoastal”

Working large and in thin layers before applying wax gives the surface of this painting a rich textural feel. Oil mixed with wax gives the viewer the chance to see drips and runs on the surface. There is a wonderful matte finish to the painting.

If you are interested in pricing information for this painting please private message me at the studio.


Claire J KendrickAbstract, landscape, Oil PaintingMay 14, 20150 comments
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Florida Design Magazine Vol 25#1

Florida Design Magazine – The Magazine for Fine Interior Design & Furnishings

So excited to see #Gardner Colby Gallery in Florida Design Magazine artists featured – #Kevin Solan, #Susan Morosky, #John Schyler, #Claire Kendrick. Preview my painting via my blog: http://www.cjk-studio.com/blog


Featured Oil Encaustic Painting by CJK

Abstract Ocean | 8"x24" | Oil Encaustic | Gardner Colby

Abstract Ocean | 8″x24″ | Oil Encaustic | Gardner Colby

Other Paintings Exhibiting at the Gardner Colby Gallery

Claire J KendrickAbstract, Publicity, SeascapeApril 9, 20150 comments
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