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Gallery Representation in Naples, Florida

I am delighted to be represented by the Gardner Colby Gallery in Naples Florida, I join a fantastic group of artists and a sensational gallery celebrating their 20th year in business. Yes… 2o years!

There will be some wonderful events happening throughout 2013 – 2014. So please do stop by if you are in Naples.


Located on Gallery Row, Gardner Colby Gallery and across the street Gardner Colby Gallery II


Kendrick1 GC

Rise | 48″ x 36″ | Oil Encaustic | Claire J Kendrick

Overflowing ( Orange Lilies) | 28″ x 22″ | Oil Encaustic | Claire J Kendrick


Painting on Right – Beach Watch | 48″ X 48″ | Oil Encaustic | Claire J Kendrick


Botanical Series
 Seascape Series
Claire J KendrickExhibition, Newsletter, Oil Painting, PhotographsAugust 20, 20130 comments
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Great Day at the Office!

Today I was out in the field – it helps if you carry sunscreen and bug spray!! But hey I’m not complaining. Washington Oaks great location, it’s known for its formal gardens they are the center piece of the park. Of course I had a look and took some pictures but I had a hankering for the beach.

The beach has a fantastic shoreline of coquina rock formations along this part of the Atlantic ocean have a pink glow from the tiny shell that gets broken off the rock and washed onto shore. Also I was keen to get some beach studies done as before you know it, its hotter than heck here in FL and its brutal for plein air painting.

Today T-Storms were forecast and I knew there would be some cool clouds and a breeze. What I didn’t count on were the gnats being blown in from the west, my new friends the Whale Watchers District 2 informed me. They have a team who hit the beach every day. The whales swim down from Canada to give birth, but alarmingly there hasn’t been a many sightings it’s because of the mild weather. You should be looking for a v-shaped blow, no dorsal fin and try to remember the location…number of whales…direction they are traveling….oh and if there are dolphins present! Follow what the team is up to on their blog.

Will follow up with some paintings!

Claire J KendrickOil Painting, PhotographsFebruary 24, 20120 comments
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