Fort Mose Historic State Park

Fort Mose Historic State Park

On the beautiful grounds of Fort Mose State Park visitors can explore interpretive resources and two boardwalks that extend deep into the marsh. I have plein air painted from both sites, both equally stunning yet quite different. Many people miss the northern boardwalk opting for the more popular Freedom Trail Boardwalk. It leads to a view of the site where the fort would have been. More than 300 years ago, courageous Africans escaped enslavement in British colonies. They fled south on foot to Fort Mose in Spanish St. Augustine. Along the way, they sought assistance from natives, creating the first Underground Railroad.

As you step onto the wooded Freedom Trail, you enter the year 1738. You’re drawn into a dangerous world where men, women and children flee from enslavement on British plantations, hoping to find freedom at Fort Mose.

Share the freedom seekers’ hopes, fears and sacrifices. Experience their perilous journey of over 300 miles through unknown swamps, forests, and waterways—traveling by night to avoid capture. Witness formation of the original Underground Railroad forged through alliance with Natives. And feel the power of place as you enter Spanish Florida and the free Black settlement of Fort Mose, a culturally rich community located on Spanish St. Augustine’s northern border.

Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose, or Fort Mose, was:
Destination of the original Underground Railroad, running south.
First legal free Black community in North America! – Fort Mose.ORG

Freedom At Fort Mose

In the late 17th century, astounding news reached Africans who were enslaved on British plantations in the Carolinas and Georgia. Freedom seekers who could complete a perilous 300 mile journey to St. Augustine would be granted sanctuary by the Spanish government.

The first freedom seekers arrived in St. Augustine in 1868. This group included 8 men, 2 women and a nursing child.

Fort Mose | Historical Society | African American Community of Freedom

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Walk To Freedom | Oil on Canvas | By Claire J KEndrick | CJK-Studio

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