“Is there something I can sing from across the sea.”

“Is there something I can sing from across the sea.”

28″ x 22″ oil on canvas

Still Life Painting – Progression Video

As we find our place in a new circumstance, I find myself listening to new music, painting, cooking. We are forced to make life simpler for a while. Artists, love a little solitude… its an essential element. The privacy of the studio is a sanctuary, a place to see, develop and challenge oneself to work harder and be better. It is reminding me of how important our home life is. As we spend more time at home, how neglected some areas were.

Enjoy your time and embrace the solitude rather than think of it as isolation.

Thinking of family and friends across the sea and close by. Stay safe … attached a short video from my home to yours. Take time to make your dwelling beautiful, I have been organizing (…. it feels like a have a few years worth to catch up on) De-cluttering is another famous pass time many of us avoid but rehanging some paintings, prompted me to hang this recent painting. This still life white floral work is just a beautiful clean calm painting to greet us, as we enter our living space. Since we wont be out to buy fresh blooms these remind us to appreciate our garden.

From our materialistic society, right now it is only the essentials that matter, food, water, medicine. Our precious health and the state of the planet. Clean sky’s over major cities in the world show us there are lessons.

Prayers to all in the wake of the pandemic. Our health, economy and the fiscal tremors of this virus will be felt throughout the world. We must bloom again!

Be well.



If you would like a postcard of this painting please, private message me your name and address and I will send a print of it in the mail when everything calms down, it will be your reminder to bloom again.