Make a Statement!

Make a Statement!

A timeless decorating favorite, a dramatic still life painting as a focal point. In your living room or mud room …lol. Highlighting an area with a fabulous piece of art is the perfect way to add a dramatic focal point to an area.

Here is an example of two very different settings. The Still Life Painting is called “Renew” 48×36, Original Oil on Canvas $7825.

Renew 48×36

Contrast Wall – color blocking in interior design has been a major trend and can really make a still life floral painting work of art pop! Color blocking acting as a frame, a square of paint acts as an extended frame to artwork, cleverly contrasting or picking a complimentary color found in your original painting, can an add dimension to really set off a work of art.

Still Life Works of Art Featured are by Claire J Kendrick – Choose your favorite floral blooms to be captured forever! Bridal Bouquets or just something wonderful to brighten your everyday space. Floral Paintings can be found in the still life section of Claire’s website. Prints and Originals available.

Featured Image “Stay a While” 36×24 Available