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A Selection of Works from my Home Studio.

Seascapes by CJK

Hello to friends and collectors from my home and studio. Here are a few paintings from my Seascape Series.

Sometimes seeing the paintings hanging in a room give a better understanding of size and scale.

Summer Marsh 20×20
Clarity 40×60
Sandbar 40×40
Pathway to Calm 36×60
Seaside Haven 36×60 – Front Right
Pathway to Calm 36×60 – Left
Sandbar 40×40 – Back Wall
Making a splash 18×18

Textured Sky 12×12

Coastal Haze 12×12

All works of art are for sale.

Please direct message me for more details

Claire Jane Kendrick, was born in Ireland and attended college in England at Manchester Metropolitan University, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree. She worked as a fashion designer in France, Belgium, Sweden and England before relocating to the United States of America in 2006. It was then she returned to painting, full time. A gifted colorist, her paintings are bold, rich, and beautifully textured.
Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints. Pushing boundaries, Claire often starts a painting outdoors and uses a series of washes giving a free-flow effect which she then decides to manipulate or leave. This is a process of constant editing, painting, taking away then reapplying paint and wax, building the image slowly in layers.
“You should paint as you live life; expression should be in your work. See the things of beauty you enjoy and fill your life with that energy.”
A member of Oil Painters of America, Claire’s paintings have been published in American Art Collector Magazine, Florida Design and Veranda Magazine. Attracting a local and international following, Claire is dedicated to pursuing her painting career, and has studied with Contemporary American Painters, notably Anne Packard.


Claire J KendrickSeascapeApril 18, 20200 comments
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Large Contemporary Artwork | Home Installation

I love some of the recent Gardner Colby installations! This proves it…art can make a room come alive!

If you have questions about a particular piece of art, or your looking for assistance with your art collection, please contact – Nancy or Pamela – they exhibit a beautiful selection of my fine art seascape series and can arrange special commission projects. This collaborative installation at a collectors home includes includes one of my triptych paintings called “Unwinding” | 24″ x 72″ | Oil Encaustic, and  “Flight of Thorns’ by Ran Alder.


Claire J KendrickInstallation, Oil Painting, SeascapeAugust 31, 20150 comments
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American Art Collector Previews Exhibition

Show Preview | Gardner Colby Gallery Naples, FL | March 4-18, 2015

One of my paintings “Coastal Light”, published in American Art Collector. There is a great write up and preview of the show in the March edition.


american art collector magazine | March 2015 | issue 113 | page 122

American art collector magazine | March 2015 | issue 113 | page 122 Paintings by Claire J Kendrick & Ken Otsuka

Claire J Kendrick Coastal Light, oil encaustic, 30×40
Ken Otsuka, Infinite Play, oil on linen, 28×40

American art collector magazine | March 2015 | issue 113 | page 123

American art collector magazine | March 2015 | issue 113 | page 123 Paintings by Doug Foltz & James Lewis

Doug Foltz, You only Feel the First One, Oil, 48×48

James Lewis, Evening Song, Oil, 28×36


Water Works Exhibition of seascapes by four artists – Doug Foltz, Claire J Kendrick, James Lewis and Ken Otsuka.


Claire J KendrickExhibition, SeascapeFebruary 25, 20150 comments
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American Art Collector Magazine – the Art Market.

Nancy Winch featured in American Art Collector – Calling From Coast to Coast section — with her thoughts on current trends in the art market. It’s a delight my work gets a mention –

“The art market continues to be strong in Naples. In Southwest Florida, there is a definitive trend toward large scale transitional pieces and slightly abstracted works. Transitional pieces by Claire Kendrick and John Schuyler are in demand, as are perennial gallery favorites Kevin Sloan and Frank Corso.” – Nancy Winch

To read the article in full, order your copy by visiting  – 

American Art Collector Magazine

American Art Collector Magazine

Nancy Winch is owner of Gardner Colby Gallery located in Naples, Florida. For inquiries, call (239) 403-7787 or visit

Claire J KendrickAbstract, Newsletter, Oil PaintingJanuary 16, 20150 comments
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