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Cape Cod Daybreak Dune

36×36 | Oil on Canvas | CJK

Early light and plein air painting begining by CJK

Early light and plein air painting begining by CJK

Claire J. Kendrick has been awarded through the Provincetown Community Compact, a residency in the Peaked Hill Bars National Register Historic District. She will be residing in one of the 19 well-known Dune Shacks. The Shack is tucked away from civilization, but it has lodged several famous artists and authors throughout time who have been in search of seclusion in which to work.

This is a plein air painting done on location during her residency at the Dune Shack. Painted in early morning light around 5am just before the sun came up, from the C-Scape Dune Shack.

The great rhythms of nature, to-day so dully disregarded, wounded even, have here their spacious and primeval liberty: cloud and shadow of cloud, wind and tide, tremor of night and day. – Henry Beston, The Outermost House.

Beauport Easel has been a great investment – it’s been perfect for working on larger plein air. For early morning light I use it right outside the shack looking out the expansive dune scene before me.


Claire J KendrickSeascape SeriesJune 20, 20160 comments
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Artist Residency (Part 3/4) – Awarded through the Provincetown Community Compact

Artist Residency (Video 3)

C-scape Dune Dwellers

This place has a mystical baroness. One has to live in, to experience it. I am honored to join a long list of talented artistic people whose creative journeys have brought them here. I feel I have graduated into a special tribe of Dune Dwellers by staying in one of the historic Dune Shack’s.

The solitude struck me, and I worked prolifically to fill the void. My wish coming here was to have more studio time it was my intention to paint. I was compelled to use every moment painting feverishly – greedily grabbing every moment waking at 5am – the days were long. I just can’t believe how long the felt. It was as if one day became two. Amazing how much can be done without distraction or interruption!

When weary from work I walked the beach, finding humor in the items washed ashore. Washed up items formed a narrative and it was fun to observe.

Thank you C-Scape – Jay, Tom and John. We are all custodians but you have maintained a special place allowing artists an opportunity to self-care, develop, thrive and to be inspired.

Thank you.




Top Tips for Dune Shack Travelers

  • If you need a rollicking laugh out loud moment read T.S.Eliot – Hysteria (book of short poem’s 1909 – 1935 on the bookshelf)
  • Find the correct beach path to avoid finding yourself at the top of a two story dune cliff.
  • One artist in residence writes “I slept like a princess beneath the mosquito netting….” – this was NOT my first thought but I was grateful for the tip and positive sprit of this resident!
  • You build a stamina for beach walking – Dune Legs quickly develop (ignore the burning). I was thankful for the walking stick idea, for getting up a very steep really helps!!
Photo taken by CJK at C-Scape Dune Shack

Photo taken by CJK at C-Scape Dune Shack

  • Good traction on low tide – lightweight walking shoes! Spring tide high tides makes soft sand slow going.
  • Don’t give bugs or critters a chance to dine with you. I scraped every scrap of leftover food into a Ziploc bag and kept it in the freezer. Dump at the end of your stay.
  • Beach combing – I found a lucky green one dollar bill. LOL
  • I feel valued as an artist to have this opportunity. Gratitude fills your heart during this experience.
  • Seals become your lookout friends.
  • It took me a long time to unwind and I really enjoyed this place for what it is. I hope you find that space with ease.
  • Making tea/coffee becomes a ritual take time to enjoy the labor involved.
  • In Ireland there is an expression used frequently when describing a distinct personality. “They are the salt of the Earth” – I feel connected to this part of my being. I have a hankering for my homeland.
  • C-yourself @ C-scape – O.K a bit corny but observe your lesser and finer traits and acknowledge them.
  • Fear, Necessity & Creativity have a wonderful time playing together here! I mostly use fear to propel me to work! I worked a-lot.
  • Always keep one set of clean dry clothes to sleep in. –Sleep is important.
  • Time allows us to Fine Tune!!!
  • Outdoor Shower – the dune shack is on the flight path of low flying planes! LOL
Photos by CJK on an aritst in residence visit to C-Scape Dune Shack. MA

Photos by CJK on an aritst in residence visit to C-Scape Dune Shack. MA

  • Don’t miss the light show at Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Exercise is a good answer to restless sleep.
  • Weather on the hour – 104.7Ocean.
  • Lemons for water and cleaning the water stains off the sink.
  • Viewfinder a good tool for editing a scene it’s easy to try to put in too much.
  • Beauport Easel has been great for oversized work. Easy-L for smaller plein air work.


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