Melrose, Florida – Melrose Morning

8″ x 10″ | Melrose Morning | Bellamy Road Gallery, Melrose This was a first light, early morning painting on the dock at John and Julie’s. Their property looks out over – The point at Lake Santa Fe. Stunning! Quite a privilege to stay and share stories with these talented artists and potter’s. 8″ x 10″ | Cypress Heart | Private Collection  

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Melrose, Florida – The Little Town with the Big Art and Music Scene

Join me at Melrose Open Air Arts 2012 it is a Premier Event for this inaugural year for Primavera. Spring into North Florida for a month-long profusion of performances, exhibitions and street festivals at the peak of north Florida’s spring cultural season. Based in Gainesville, Florida, Primavera offers a daily bounty of art, theater, music, dance and creativity in a variety of settings, including concert halls, museums, botanical gardens, rural hamlets and historic urban neighborhoods. Printed program is posted http://issuu.com/floridas.eden/docs/oaa_2012 

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