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A Selection of Works from my Home Studio.

https://www.cjk-studio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Seascape_Series_by_CJK-Studio_1080p.mp4 Seascapes by CJK Hello to friends and collectors from my home and studio. Here are a few paintings from my Seascape Series.  Sometimes seeing the paintings hanging in a room give a better understanding of size and scale. Summer Marsh 20×20 Clarity 40×60 Sandbar 40×40 Pathway to Calm 36×60 Seaside Haven 36×60 – Front RightPathway to Calm 36×60 – LeftSandbar 40×40 – Back Wall Making a splash 18×18 Textured Sky 12×12 Coastal Haze 12×12 All works of art are

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