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Path Leading to the Sea

30×30 | Oil on Board | CJK

Seascape Painting done from the Dunes on the National Seashore Cape Cod, MA. Staying in one of the famous Dune Shack I would go out each day and paint sometimes large canvases like this one using a Beauport Easel. It was a great investment easel for the trip, light weight and sturdy – it’s been perfect for working on large plein air paintings.

The seas are the heart’s blood of the earth. Plucked up and kneaded by the sun and the moon, the tides are systole and diastole of earth’s veins.

– Henry Beston, The Outermost House.

Claire J Kendrick painting en plein air - Cape Cod. MA

Claire J Kendrick painting en plein air – Cape Cod. MA 2016

Claire J KendrickSeascape SeriesJune 20, 20160 comments
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11×14 | Oil on board | CJK

Sunrise Dune painting was painted en plein air during an artist-in-residence stay at C-scape Dune Shack on the Cape Cod National Seashore.

The ancient values of dignity, beauty and poetry which sustain it are of Nature’s inspiration: they are born of the mystery and beauty of the world. – – Henry Beston, The Outermost House.

Claire J KendrickSeascape SeriesJune 20, 20160 comments
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Ocean Tandem

7×5 | Oil Painting | Gardner Colby Gallery

Artist Notes

Collectors are amazed that sometimes these small studies painted on location are the inspiration for a large painting in the studio. *Ref – “Big Surf”

These small studies capture the essence of a place, time or moment and for me the artist its a personal diary or memory to tap into when working in the studio.

Claire J KendrickSeascape SeriesNovember 25, 20150 comments
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Small Impasto Botanical Paintings

Artist Notes

These Little Gems are all 8″x6″ paintings on board – using lots of paint and a fully loaded brush and palette knife.

Impasto Floral Arrangement on Blue Table | 8x6 | Oil Impasto

Impasto Floral Arrangement on Blue Table | 8×6 | Oil Impasto

Hydrangea and Folige in Green Vase | 8x6 | Oil Impasto

Hydrangea and Foliage in Green Vase | 8×6 | Oil Impasto

Impasto Blooms on Mauve | 6x8 | Oil Impasto

Impasto Blooms on Mauve | 6×8 | Oil Impasto

An Array of Flowers on Stripes | 8x6 | Oil Impasto

Featured Image – An Array of Flowers on Stripes | 8×6 | Oil Impasto


For purchase and pricing please contact me at claire@cjk-studio.com


Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Oil PaintingOctober 14, 20150 comments
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Contemporary New Seascape Painting – “Aqua”

Available at Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples

Aqua | 36×36 | Oil on Linen | CJK

Artist Notes

This painting is about having the bravery to paint that one heavy impasto wave in a confident stroke. The foreground fragmenting was inspired very loosely from a painting by Henri-Edmond Cross – the Golden Isles, 1891/92

Although the subject of the canvas is indeed the islands, Cross has eliminated all picturesque elements and concentrated on the effects of light on colour. The various elements in the landscape become three large colored bands: the sand, sea and sky.

In keeping with the Neo-impressionist technique that he had recently begun to apply, he used rounded brushstrokes of various sizes from the dabs in the foreground to the tiny dots on the horizon, adjusting the spacing to create a slight effect of perspective. (Musée d’Orsay)

I took inspiration from this and used it in the foreground of this painting  but not in small dots side by side instead I used a much larger bold brush application but borrow the idea that the observer’s eye mixes the colors.

The term Neo-Impressionism refers to a technique where color pigments are no longer mixed either on the palette or directly on canvas, but instead placed as small dots side by side. Mixing of colors takes place from a suitable distance, in the observor’s eye, as an “optical mixture

The pointillism is to take an idea and make it your own. – LOL

Claire J KendrickAbstract, Seascape, UncategorizedOctober 14, 20150 comments
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Selection of Paintings from Figure, Landscape, Still Life and Seascape Series

Its an ongoing process to develop each series featured.

Figure | “Confused” | 12″x12″ | Available via Modern Villa Gallery, OR

Landscape | “Intercoastal Symphony” | 52″x 66″ | Available via CJK-Studio, FL

Still Life | “Peaceful Posy” | 24″x24″ | Available via CJK-Studio, FL

Seascape | “Aqua” | 36″x36″ | Available via Gardner Colby Galleries, FL

Claire J KendrickUncategorizedOctober 1, 20150 comments
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Seascape Exhibition | Gardner Colby Gallery, FL

March 4 – March 16, 2015

“Water Works”

A group show with a coastal theme.

Featuring the work of Claire Kendrick, Doug Foltz, James Lewis and Ken Otsuka

“Living on the east coast of the United States I look out on the Atlantic Ocean and I’m challenged as an artist to capture its vastness. The high seas and big storm fronts remind me of my native home, Ireland, the North West Outpost of Europe. Those memories combined with the ferociousness of the weather fronts brings a depth and passion to my work, yet the stillness and peace of the southern shores is a soothing calm and is both a joy and quest to capture as a plein air and studio painter.”

“Symbolically the ocean is a sign of power and strength, due to its immensity. Observing and painting the great power of the ocean and all its weather fronts is much like having a front row seat at the theater.”

Claire Kendrick has had the privilege to be mentored by American Contemporary Artist Anne Packard.

Artist Notes

“In 2012 Anne invited me to paint with her for 10 days at her home in Cape Cod. It is a huge honor for any artist when your painting speaks or evokes a reaction…. it’s a confirmation and validation that something’s there———–a spark to ignite! Painting is a lifelong quest and at over 80 years of age Anne is passionate and dedicated. I was struck and impressed that her daily quest is to improve her craft as an artist.
Painting can be one of the most heartbreaking and rewarding professions. Anne taught me that “the struggle” is a natural part of the process for a painter. She also taught me about stamina, discipline and fearlessness……the importance of bringing emotion, depth and passion into your work……….and that every brush mark helps define your creative style and helps you find you voice as an artist. There is a mood and emotion Anne Packard conveys in her painting that speaks to me and inspires me.” – CJK

A Selection of Paintings Exhibiting

A selection of new work will be available at the upcoming exhibition. Come visit me at the Gardner Colby Galleries, Naples March 4th, 2015.


Claire J KendrickExhibition, Interview, Oil Painting, SeascapeFebruary 17, 20150 comments
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