The East Coast Draw for Artist C. J. Kendrick – Retracing the steps of artists from the early 1900’s visiting two of the east coast’s artist colonies.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a popular summer retreat where locals and visitors marvel at the natural breathtaking scenery of the dunes and beaches. When on vacation on the Cape most enjoy luxurious accommodations; however, artist Claire Kendrick will be experiencing the preserved natural landscape in a much less lavish but connected way. Kendrick has been awarded through the Provincetown Community Compact, an opportunity artists around the world dream of, a residency in the Peaked Hill Bars National Register Historic District.

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Visit to Fairfax Gallery, Jacksonville

I hope you enjoy seeing these photographs from a recent visit to Fairfax gallery it’s a privilege to exhibit alongside such talented artists and in the gallery photos you see the scale of the paintings, which is often a challenge to visualize when viewing on the web. Here my work exhibited is with Casey Matthews and Ellen Diamond. The show is a must see! Above Left | Good Vibrations | 40″ x 30″ | Oil Encaustic | CJK Above Right

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