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Ocean View

10×10 oil on canvas gallery wrap canvas

Available at Art on Centre

In the heart of downtown Fernandina Beach sits Art on Centre, where fine art and collectibles come to life. In its contemporary space, Art on Centre combines a variety of mediums, from impressionistic landscapes to abstract sculptures… resulting in an experience that is nothing short of captivating.

The professional team at Art on Centre showcase my paintings and curate the gallery beautifully. I know collectors of my work, are in good hands.

Jim, Debbie, Courtney

(904) 624-7255
503 Centre St. 
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Claire J KendrickSeascape SeriesDecember 4, 20180 comments
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Staring at the Sea

Seascape painting called “Staring at the Sea” | 24″x24″ | Oil Encaustic on Ampersand Panel |CJK

May this be a healthy and happy new year for you. I started by clearing the decks of my studio and organizing…..the frenzy was followed by moments of contemplation – Staring at the sea! Never underestimated the necessary time to unplug and go off grid and just be. Creativity needs time alone.

In this seascape painting I wanted to show color in every aspect of the spectrum, even those seemingly dull clouds have a subtle light shifts. A new product for me is the blue fluorescent pure pigment just seen in a small area of this painting. Raw pigment can be mixed with wax and here is is applied thick and heavy onto the panel board.

Claire J KendrickSeascape SeriesJanuary 19, 20160 comments
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Seascape Paintings Hanging in the Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples

From the Left

  • Aqua I | 30×30 | Oil Encaustic
  • Sand Dune Bay | 48×48 | Oil
  • Aqua III | 36×36 | Oil
  • Mini Abstract Ocean Diptych | 8×16 | Oil
For further information on any of these paintings contact Nancy or Pamela at Gardner Colby Galleries

Artist Notes

Living on the east coast of the United States I look out on the Atlantic Ocean and I’m challenged as an artist to capture its vastness. The stillness and peace of the southern shores is a soothing calm and is both a joy and quest to capture as a plein air and studio painter.

Symbolically the ocean is a sign of power and strength, due to its immensity. Observing and painting the great power of the ocean and its weather fronts is much like having a front row seat at the theater. As a plein air painter there is an urgency and need to capture the essence of your vista – it’s sparked by emotion and energy. Then the atmosphere and weather of the outdoors adds to the paintings aliveness.  It is a love, and a challenge.

Claire J KendrickUncategorizedOctober 17, 20150 comments
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Seascape Series Exhibiting at Gardner Colby Gallery

View a selection of paintings from the seascape series at Gardner Colby Gallery or visit the website at

Claire J KendrickExhibition, Oil Painting, SeascapeApril 7, 20140 comments
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Big Surf

52″ X 66″ | Mixed Media | Oil and Oil Pastel on Canvas | CJK

This studio painting was inspired by small plein oil painting. The spontaneity and aliveness is hard to sometimes recreate in the studio and in a large scale — but this one has lots of energy.

Here is the painting again – this time outside – just to give a sense of the proportions!



Claire J KendrickSeascapeMarch 12, 20140 comments
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Wishing everyone a very special 2014!

Water is a universal symbol of change and as we mark the end of one year and the beginning of another it seems fitting to share new works from my Seascape series with you. Symbolically the ocean is a sign of power and strength, due to its immensity.  A New Year marks change and optimism and watching the great power of the ocean and its weather fronts is much like having a front row seat at the theater. Capturing these special moments are my joy and challenge as an artist.

Wishing everyone a very special 2014!

CJK-Studio Seascape Series

Gallery Representation

Atelier Gallery
153 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Fairfax Gallery
4216 Herschel St, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Gardner Colby Gallery
386 and 365 Broad Avenue South, Gallery Row, Naples, FL, 34102

Grace Gallery at The Ancient Olive
324 North Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789
514 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Claire J KendrickExhibition, Oil Painting, VideoJanuary 1, 20140 comments
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Seascape Studies

Coastal living provides is a constant source of inspiration here are two large works just finished –

48" x 48" | Heavy Oil Encaustic Texture Painting

Connecting | 48″ x 48″ | Heavy Oil Encaustic Texture Painting



Far Away Dunes | 48″ x 48″ | Oil Encaustic |


Small mini seascape studies available at Fairfax Framing Establishment. These look fantastic displayed as a vertical or horizontal series.

Claire J KendrickExhibition, Oil PaintingDecember 2, 20130 comments
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Two Part Harmony

Two Part Harmony | 30″ x 60″ | Oil


Recent Painting of surf, two panels hung as a diptych. Oil and wax paintings on Ampersand Panels. (30″ x 30″) (30″ x 30″)

Below more paintings from the Seascape Series –



Claire J KendrickOil PaintingNovember 4, 20130 comments
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Fairfax Gallery, Jacksonville


Nor’Easter | 5″ x 7″ | Oil | Featured Painting

Fairfax Gallery and Framing establishment are representing my paintings – Here is a small preview of some of the paintings exhibiting

 Beach Storm | 6″ x 6″ | Oil

Mist Light | 8″ x 10″ | Oil


T-Storm | 10″ x 8″ | Oil

Low Tide | 36″ x 36″ | Oil

Nor’easter | 5″ x 7″ | Oil

Coastal Tide | 36″ x 36″ | Oil



View Fairfax Gallery Website

Thank you for viewing –  please call Fairfax Gallery for pricing information : –
Ph. 904-384-7724 
Fax: 904-387-9786
Claire J KendrickExhibition, Oil PaintingOctober 8, 20130 comments
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