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Fresh & Elegant, Still Life Oil Paintings

AVAILABLE WORKS OF ART BY CJK-STUDIO OIL PAINTINGS Still Life Floral Oil Paintings Custom Floral works of art have been created by Claire J Kendrick for clients. These works are chosen sometimes for sentimental reasons, collectors often select favorite blooms or flowers associated with a memory, event or maybe even a love of gardening. Sometimes nature just adds that moment of beauty, calm and elegance to a room. Claire captures a likeness to the subject as she always works from

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Rapture in Blue | 48×60 | Claire J Kendrick available through Plum Gallery, St Augustine

“It is my practice to always work with reference. I like to buy fresh flowers and set up the arrangement and start with a strong composition. This is always my foundation. As I begin painting, each brush stroke has to say something. Putting down a mark and deciding to keep or remove, I try to ask myself if this mark adds something to the painting. The results are dynamic, energetic forms–they show the energy you put into the painting. The

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