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Still Life Demo – Progression Video

Visit the Downtown St Augustine, Plum Pop Up Studio to see the final stages of a still life painting come together. #ArtWalk – Friday February 7th 5.30-8.30pmArtist appearance – Potter, Worley Faver and Painter, Claire J Kendrick will be exhibiting in this two person show at the Pop Up Studio, located 212c Charlotte Street to meet visitors and talk about their work.Plum Gallery – Group Show 10 Aviles Street. “It is my practice to always work with reference. I like to

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Visual artist Claire J Kendrick showcases Paintings at Jacksonville Internaional Airport.

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) provides travelers the chance to enjoy some of the finest sculpture and fine art installations from artists across the North East Florida region.   “The airport has a collection of beautiful sculpture and original fine art. JIA supports the creative community by giving artist’s the opportunity to showcase their work and with 10.000 people passing through the airport daily, it’s a great privilege to be selected and an opportunity to share my paintings, with an audience

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Rosy | 12″ x 12″ | In studio   1.ROSY a. Having the characteristic pink or red color of a rose. b. Flushed with a healthy glow: rosy cheeks. 2. Consisting of, decorated with, or suggestive of a rose or roses. 3. Bright or cheerful; optimistic: rosy predictions.

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